Stewart. Piven. Johanssohn.

Baron Cohen. Streisand. Wiesel. Foxman.

Wait a minute…what?

It’s not the “50 Sexiest Jews Alive”?


Membership in the 50 doesn’t mean that the Forward endorses what these individuals do or say. We’ve chosen them because they are doing and saying things that are making a difference in the way American Jews, for better or worse, view the world and themselves. Not all these people have put their energies into the traditional frameworks of Jewish community life, but they all have embodied the spirit of Jewish action as it is emerging in America, and all of them have left a mark.

Oh. That makes more sense.

Wanna see the whole list and the reasons those people were selected? Yeah, good luck. So do we. But when we went to the website, we received “website maintenance” messages. Hopefully, it’ll all be fixed by the time I wake up tomorrow. In the interim, mazal tov to the winners, including  Roger “I Heart Jewlicious” Bennett, Lynn Schusterman (ROI 120, Leading Up and various other activities) and others I’m going to get in trouble for leaving out.

But what about you, gentle readers…who would make your top five of people who make a difference in your world, Jewish or otherwise? (This could be food for thought as a rhetorical exercise, or you could run with it. Totally up to you.)

Layla/boker tov, y’all.

Note from CK: Click here for the Forward Article. Thanks to Aram from the Forward for the graciously provided correct link, and no thanks to Gossamer for being such a dick. Our monkeys/IT department have feelings you know.

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  • Please do not admonish the fine web department at for a temporary glitch. Look how horrible this toilet you call a website looks. I think it was designed by 47 retarded Monkeys wearing I (heart) Hashem shirts.

  • Uh oh, I think the part-time IT guy for the Forward just found us.

    Not to worry “Gossamer,” I won’t cancel my newly revived subscription to your fine paper just because you’re a little touchy this afternoon. That list did suck, though.

  • It’s obvious that Gossmaer is the reason middle didn’t make the list.

  • I think Scarlett Johansson is hot, but AFAIK, she has no connection to Yiddishkeit other than an accident of birth. At any rate, I haven’t heard of her doing anything particularly Jewish.

    I think such lists should be confined to people who at least display some sort of voluntary connection to Yiddishkeit.

    IMNSHO, as babelicious as Scarlett is, she is not yet Jewlicious.

    Juicy, yes, but not Jewcy.

  • saw her in a picture w/ spielberg @ a shoah conference thing…. not sure if thats jewish enough, but im defending her yiddishkeit cause she’s hot

  • Boy, talk about a disproportionate reaction, Gossamer. Did you not see my wish to read the list and my hopeful tone about things being fixed soon?

    I take exception to your language. I mean, 47 monkeys wearing “I Heart Hashem” shirts? Preposterous! Some of them wear “Challah Hu Akbar” shirts. And they DO prefer the term “mentally challenged.”

  • Indeed Gossamer… language like that is what lost the election for George Allen. That and the fact he was a dick… you and George Allen and your racist slurs…

    Where did you come up with 47?

  • great ephraim, now i can defile her in my fantasies and have 100 percent assurance I could take her home to mom. (if my mother was in fact jewish, i was rich and famous, and i looked more like matt damon and less like ck (just kidding dude i think you man-pretty, but in a completely(mostly) heterosexual way)… )