Cut one down, and two will rise.

After the “departure” of founding [thanks for the edit, sarah!] editor Jessica Coen, Gawker announced the hiring of two new editors, co-editor Emily Gould and new associate editor Doree Shafrir, both of whom happen to be New York-based members of the tribe. In the coliseum known as the comments area, approved commenters spar over which of the new editors had “racked” up the most impressive professional, ahem, assets, which by definition includes competitions on who’s hotter, and whether or not Gould resembles Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger (she does).

In her first post, titled “A Message from the new Associate Editor–All-Rack Edition,” Shafrir identified herself as the one who confessed her love for Kevin Federline (Mr. Britney Spears, to the uninformed) and that she enjoys kicking Chuck Klosterman (whose work I’ve always found amusing, so I don’t see whence the hate cometh).

Items on the Shafrirography include this article that’s marginally about Jews in rock (and mostly about a fictional character on “The O.C.”) for

Miss the old editors? Wonder what happened to them? Try this Observer article for an update. Want info on our Jewlicious bar mitzvah boy, Andrew Krucoff (see various articles in our press section)? He’s blogging at the 92nd Street Y…because once you go Jewlicious, everything’s coming up (neu)roses.

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  • Jessica wasn’t actually the founding editor, that was Choire Sicha, who was followed by Elizabeth Spiers, then Jessica. But anyway, there’s been hella Jewish conspiracy all along. Sicha, who I don’t think is Jewish (although gay men always get a pass in my book) in particular posted a lot of Jewish conspiracy type stuff, and was the first blogger to ever break my website after I launched. I am forever indebted to gawker. 🙂

  • MMm Jews, how we love perpetuating stereotypes about ourselves by buying into them.

    A dissertation topic if I’ve ever heard one.