Bar Mitzva BarbieLooking for the perfect unorthodox Hanukkah gift?

Forget Tefillin Barbie. There’s only one of her and the feverish bidding on eBay has already hit the stratospheric price of $71. You could get these ridiculous Hanukkah Rubber Duckies – 12 for only $5.99, but whoever you send those to will think you’re an idiot.

However, it turns out that the acclaimed film, The Tribe, and its Discussion Kit are now available just in time for the Hanukkah gift giving season. The kit includes the award-winning Tribe DVD (an unauthorized history of the Barbie doll and the Jewish people), the guide to the film, “The Guide from the Perplexed,” and a set of Conversation Cards. A wonderful gift for all ages that lasts year round!

Geez, that sounds retarded. Seriously though, Esther reviewed the film when we screened it at last year’s Jewlicious at the Beach conference. It was quite a hit and inspired much conversation amongst the participants. You can get more info about purchasing the film and having your own discussion group on just what the hell it means to be a Jew these days by visiting

Waaay more fun than a Tefillin Barbie.

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