caskinhead_banner.jpgCalifornia Skinheadz win the 17th HSOW award. The California Skinheadz, in their own words,

With the prompting of some of our new found brothers who were for real I planted our flag and have slowly created one of the best skinhead crews I have ever seen. We are few in numbers but strong in heart and mind. Loyalty to one another and strong belief in our struggle for racial survival are paramount in our code of conduct. It has been a long time coming but, we are here, our battle flag has been planted, and lose or win we will never falter from our course.

Well, at least they are few in numbers. So far as Muffti can tell, they basically sit around listening to the thrash/punk that skinhead bands put out year after year. Nice stuff like Browntown Burning Down by the Angry Aryans and Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way) by Johnny Reb. If you have the nerve, you can take a listen to some of these tracks on their Music page. Muffti has to admit to kind of liking Here She Comes Again by Max Resist (mostly because it isn’t especially racist or anti-semitic).

Anyhow, the site also contains a kinda shallow collection of text files, such as:
Who Rules America Central thesis: certain powerful Jewish families control America through their ownership and interest in the mass media. Lists names and companies.

They also have a small video page with some WWII German Propaganda films. The Cali Skinz also run a contest, with the theme ‘Best Racially Motivated Poster’. Muffti isn’t entirely sure what that means – would an entry depicting white people and black people dating count since it is motivated by the need for racial tolerance count? – but he’s pretty sure it’s not good. Oh well.

Anyhow, that’s about all you need to know and you can check out the rest if you so desire. Muffti is no fan of these guys but they do seem to have a sense of humour. On their ‘about us’ page, the author claims:

Somewhere in this time I met up with a young head from Visalia. My brother Doug (our webmaster). We had many adventures drank, fought, and fornicated our way all over California. I guess some of us did more than others (I think I did most of the drinking and fighting).

Muffti likes to think that just maybe if he’d spent a little more time fornicating he wouldn’t be designing crappy hateful websites.

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