Gawker links to a New York Post story about a rabbi whose actions will make all of the secular/cultural/national/anticlerical Jews among us feel rather smug. But there’s a bit of smugness to be shared by all Jews–forcing an adult woman with whom one is having an affair to watch art documentaries and use correct grammar is a bit better than molesting one’s altar boys, is it not?

*Apologies to Woody Allen.

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  • Goor insisted Pizzo watch art documentaries so she could converse on the same level as his wise friends, Pizzo says.

    “In front of my family, he would correct my grammar and he also would say, ‘You’re getting fat,’ ” she said. “I just felt like a piece of s- – -.”

    I am rolling on the floor laughing right now. Clearly she is not abiding by her obligations to become more cultured. Shit indeed.

  • NY Post: “Sin-agogue”

    “Do we go with ‘sin’, or ‘agog’? We can’t do both, ’cause no-one will know what we’re talking about…”


  • It’s nice to know that it’s still the same NYC, and that the post has you covered for all your crazy sh*t! Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • she’s definately a shiksa, did she leave a phone number where she can be reached? i’d like to be the one to break the 23 times in 8 days sextacular that she had with the rabbi. once that’s done then we’ll worry about her getting some fine midwest culture.

  • Jon C. – You can take her to Matt’s Bar and teach her the right way to eat Juicy Lucys! I bet she looks great in thinsulate…

  • Muffti has to admit, this is his favourite part:

    Pizzo said she’s filing a $15 million suit today in Bronx Supreme Court against Goor and his synagogue, claiming he broke his contractual promise to pay her at least $125,000 if their relationship ended.

    15 mil for not paying up 125,000$. What a great country Muffti is residing in!

  • I am a secular/cultural/national/anticlerical Jew, but I can never feel smug when another Jew is down or has done wrong. Any action by any Jew, including the pious or the self-hating affects all Jews negatively. Divided we fall.

  • This happens alot due to the Frum women not being that sexual. I am not surprised or kidding about this.

    Either the male is to surpress his healthy sexual interest, or be satisfied w/ one time per month or whenever the wife has interest. Then he must shut down his desires.

    Well don’t be surprised by things like this, or Lanner, or all the other crimes that occur. If these men were allhappy at home, they wouldn’t strray from their wives or their religious moral dictates which they spout 3 times a day.

  • Am I the only one who is awestruck by this fact:

    She said they routinely had sex five times per week. “Once, we set a record – 23 times in eight days,” Pizzo said.

    The dude is 73 years old!

    Wow. I want whatever kiddush wine he’s drinking.

  • With Viagra I am sure it is possible, look at Hef for example he is older and has 5 GF’s livin in.

  • wait. first we have to dress modest and not emphasize our sexiness…and then suddenly we have to be temptresses? which is it and how does that transition happen overnight?

  • sarah:

    outkast said it best. what does every guy REALLY want? a lady in the street but a freak in the bedroom. that sums it up. and yes, we are expected to be modest in front of anyone else and give our desire free reign with our spouse… however, as the guys are pointing out, that is a tough shift to accomplish.

  • Sarah wrote,

    “wait. first we have to dress modest and not emphasize our sexiness…and then suddenly we have to be temptresses? which is it ”

    Um…I’ll take the latter!

  • “I’m fuzz, Flossie, and discussing Kierkegaard for money is a 902. You can do time.”

  • The Whore of Mensa… is like an entirely different world. Such things scarecly exist anymore, right? And we know what the guys like , most would like less frum & more sex. There in lies the a part of the problem. Of course Jews are not alone in this either. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Say what you want about the Woodman, “The Whore of Mensa” is an absolutely brilliant piece of writing, a true masterpiece in its own small way.

    The ending is particularly fine:

    “Later that night, I looked up an old account of mine named Gloria. She was blond. She had graduated cum laude. The difference was she majored in physical education. It felt good.”

    No fuss, no muss, but one sees all in an instant. This is the essence of writing. I would like to imagine that PG Wodehouse (another of my heroes) would have written this way had he been an American.

    Allen may have lost his way, but when he was good there was no one better.

  • Dan –

    Whether the guy is Ortho or reform matters not. The fact both kinds of rabbis (in addition to most clerical folk) have ethical guidelines. This guy broke his. Period.

    Also, it doesn’t stop frum rabbis from committing so called improprieties, wherein the Rabbinical Council of America in 2004 adopted a resolution available here

    Additionally – this is a useful article.