Contrary to how it may seem, I still write for Jewlicious. I also attend grad school, and have yet to fix the computer-internet problem. Combined, these factors do something to explain my absence from the virtual world. So now, a disjointed post:

-On my regular blog, WWPD, I compare the new Borat movie to an academic conference on French Jews. Kinda. It’s long and rambling, so I’m not cross-posting, just linking.

-A pile of Park Slope Couriers on my stoop caught my eye the other day because a kid dressed like Hitler was on the cover. No, this was not an article comparing the Park Slope Food Co-op to a fascist state (amusing as such an article might be). It was about a student at Leon M. Goldstein High School whose Halloween costume was inspired, perhaps, by Prince Harry. The boy’s mother apparently saw this as “a matter of artistic free expression,” and his fellow students were pretty much OK with his costume. Good going not bearing a grudge against Hitler, Leon M. Goldstein High School!

-And finally, Rabbi Yonah beat me to it, but it’s super that a French Jew is now Miss Europe. This might increase interest in French Jewry and somehow make me more publishable/hireable. Then again, it might not.

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  • First of all, let me say that Jewlicious would be honored to be graced by more photos of the lovely Miss Europe.

    Second, about the boy with the Hitler outfit, considering that his stepfather is Howard Bloom, a Jewish reporter who has apparently lost relatives in the Holocaust, I have a slight suspicion that Mr. Bloom’s wife’s son was sending his mom and her most recent husband a little message.

  • The rumor persists that Eva Braun made it out of Berlin and lives with a woman in Park Slope.