As if Jewlicious and Jewschool weren’t enough, the word Jew keeps popping up in websites. And we’re not talking about all our racist friends over at websites that have won the “Hate Site of the Weak” award from us. These are lejewtimate web enterprises that are using–some more and some less jewdiciously–the word Jew as prefix.

CK already covered Jewcy last week. So that’s all I have to say about that. And Jewbiquitous has recently popped up on our web Jewdar, due to their frequent linking to both Jewlicious and to my other sites. (Appreciated, Annie and Harley.) Last month, I discovered Jewlarious, “the Jewish humor site” run by Aish. And now links are taking me to Jew York City, as well (as if I didn’t already live here).
And this week, Leslie Bunder of, across the pond in the UK, announced the relaunch of Jewtastic, And before you ask, “hey, wasn’t that a TV show starring Esther’s brother and that dude from What I Like About Jew?”, yes, it was, but Bunder’s JMT Ventures has had this site in development since before the VH1 show ran last year.

Do you have other such sites to share, that might be similarly beJeweled with such a prefix? Share, my fellow tribesmen, tribeswomen and various interested parties…

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