…and married her. Let Muffti tell a quick story:

After the first seder, Muffti trecked (ok, in a car) up to his bestest friend Kenny’s place to say hello. While sitting around the remains of a seder, Muffti offhandedly mentioned something peripherally related to marriage. The following ensued:

Kenny’s Mom: Thank you, [Muffti]. That raises the question, Kenny, when are you and Robin going to get married already?
Kenny and Robin: Thanks a lot, [Muffti].

–20 minutes of ‘why-they-aren’t-getting-married-anytime-soon’ discussion—

Kenny’s Mom: Fine, I’ll drop it.
Muffti: Ummmn…sorry?

–2 months pass–

Kenny on Phone: [Muffti], I’m getting married!

This past Sunday:


The Happy Couple

Mazel Tov to Kenny and Robin. Muffti had a great time and even wore a tuxedo!

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  • Yes Mazel Tov to them both. Moral of the story: Never under estimate the powers of a motivated Jewish momma. This goes w/o saying yet is often over looked. Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  • I have to do this———->

  • … I think jc meant:

    So nu, Muffti, what’s up with you? See how happy they are?

    We just want you to be happy, Muffti.


  • Ah, that’s very kind, B-D (and JC, if that is indeed what you meant). Muffti is actually pretty happy 🙂 But he appreciates all the love and concern.

  • “with friends like mufti…”

    You end up marrying a slamming hottie?

    Tough break, Kenny.

  • Come on dudes, leave Muffti alone. He’ll propose in his own good time. Hopefully he’ll find a nice Jewish atheistette.

  • “with friends like mufti…”
    why bother trying to stay under moms radar…
    Mufti the marriage broker and Moms best friend (such a nice boy)?
    A new career?
    I´ll have to pass on the hotty´unfortunately, I´ve been married 35 years already (some of them happy, to rip off Al Francken, sp.).
    But somehow you do remind me of the good boyhood friend who was always indiscrete about something untactical in front of my mom.

  • AAAAACK, my eyes! Elbows and cleavage and shoulders, oh my!! Couldn’t you put that behind a cut?

    Just kidding. Mazel Tov! 🙂

  • JC, honestly, Muffti said something like ‘this married guy told Muffti that…’ and Kenny’s Mom was like ‘ah, perfect time for a rant about my son getting married’. It was hardly untactical – he could have said ‘Muffti was…’ and she would have said ‘the letter ‘M’! Perfect! ‘Marriage’ also starts with ‘M’. So, Kenny, when are you goign to get married’… You get the picture. Congrats on your 35 years. Muffti can only hope that Kenny enjoys that many happy years and more.

    Jewish mother, only NOW are you piping in? This story was made for your insightful (albeit sometimes very confusing) words. And all we get is ‘Gorgeous’ twice and a comma? Muffti had assumed that there would be something more to chew on…

  • The same by everybody, speedily and in our days already.

    The Jewish female figure is a fine thing.

    The daughters of Israel, that they were fair, etc.

    Call somebody My Little Latke and see what happens.

  • The same should come to everybody, speedily and in our days already.

    Maybe she has a sister.

    Greetings, Centurion, chest thump, to the Jewish Mother in the story. Way to go.

  • All right, I will be serious, GM. How did they find each other? Can others do that?

    Is there anyone out there who knows the extremely subtle and difficult art of match-making?

    It works.

    What if everybody took on the assignment of making only one match, or of trying to, for one whole year, for one friend? Just one. And someone could be trying for you, too, at the same time. Just you. Every minute, for one year.

    The presence of third parties makes people act better, perhaps. You don’t horse around with a friend of a friend. A tense and solemn, earnest, hopeful friend.

    We need to pray for the ability to do this, it is that hard.

    What techniques are used to protect delicacy and dignity? The girl needs to be protected even more than the man. She needs first refusal. She may need to be berated a little for not giving him a chance, from his description. Can Rabbi Yo instruct?

    I bet you lot would be good at it.

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