…and married her. Let Muffti tell a quick story:

After the first seder, Muffti trecked (ok, in a car) up to his bestest friend Kenny’s place to say hello. While sitting around the remains of a seder, Muffti offhandedly mentioned something peripherally related to marriage. The following ensued:

Kenny’s Mom: Thank you, [Muffti]. That raises the question, Kenny, when are you and Robin going to get married already?
Kenny and Robin: Thanks a lot, [Muffti].

–20 minutes of ‘why-they-aren’t-getting-married-anytime-soon’ discussion—

Kenny’s Mom: Fine, I’ll drop it.
Muffti: Ummmn…sorry?

–2 months pass–

Kenny on Phone: [Muffti], I’m getting married!

This past Sunday:


The Happy Couple

Mazel Tov to Kenny and Robin. Muffti had a great time and even wore a tuxedo!

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