story.peace.wreath.ap.jpgA wreath with a peace sign in it drew the wrath of a condo association recently, who threatened to fine the offending condo owner 25$ a day until she took it down.

The funniest part of the story is that while many agreed that the wreath was offensive, there was little consensus over what the wreath represented. Some said it was a Satanic symbol, others said it was an anti-war symbol. Probably some thought it those are one and the same. Amazingly, some sensible people thought it meant nothing and they were fired from the architectural control committee,

Ah, Colorado. And to think that Muffti thought he lived in a state full of wackos.

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  • In my experience the number one cause of being unashamedly agressively ignorantly evily stupid is not nationality, religion, gender, age, politics, education or race (these things can all help). The number one cause of thses things is is that one be unashamedly, agressively, ignorantly, evily stupid.
    It helps if you´re not to emberassed to force your stupidity on others.

  • One, it’s obviously sexual, Two, it’s Colorado. And three, Muffti lives in state full of wackos. Like the rest of us.

  • The other thing that’s obvious is that none of you are homeowners. This is a huge issue all over the place for homeowners who buy into these newer subdivisions with ‘neighborhood associations’ that then have the power to deny you any and all your democratic property rights.

    It goes way beyond silly, it’s frankly very dangerous, and it’s a barely hidden issue in many of the new & existing subdivisions all across the nation. Legally they exist in an ‘extra legal’ jurisdiction that due to those recurring damnable ‘arbitration agreements’ automatically ensures that you lose each and every time you challenge them. It’ll cost this poor yutz possibly some 10’s K to fight for his natural First Amendment rights, all the while the silly Homeowners Assn. has a team of their crony lawyers on retainer, ready to bury you in tons of paper depositions. They can afford to do this because of the special taxation privileges they garner as a Homeowners Assn. Your dues freely pay for your own abuse. It’s worse than anything King George could ever dream of, and yet it’s all perfectly legal. And BTW, they DO rake in the dough while they abuse your rights too. It’s one of the more lucrative scams for any lawyer in the US today. It’s worse than any rigged carny game, the stakes are so much higher as most people’s entire net worth is tied up in their homes, and they’re always eager to threaten to throw you out of it through their nefarious machinations.

    So the Moral of the story: Stay away, Far away from any home burdened with any association with a Homeowners Assn. They’re the true new legal fascists in the country, and few normal citizens have the money or the power to stop or even question them. Word! Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  • Were there a satan, i doubt he would employ the wreath as a sign of his evil reign. Although nothing says PURE evil like a decorative sign signifying peace.


  • Uh, VJ – these subdivisions are private property. And the owners have bought into them freely.

    And they are residential areas – not places of commerce or education – which have long been shielded from certain public displays and commercial activity by zoning laws.

    So there is no reason to bitch after the fact about limits to the rights of assembly and public display in these areas.

    Read before you sign.

  • Thanks B-D (sigh of relief from the Muffti). For what its worth, no one seemed to think that there was any real authority who could make the fine stick (i.e. enforce payment) and largely it was a symbolic act.