Checking out my new Gmail features, I discovered that it now has helpful tools for users whose system is set for Hebrew and Arabic. Now if only someone would send me a set of those Hebrew stickers for my keyboard and instructions about how to best type in Hebrew, I’d be all set to communicate with my Israeli relatives…and tell them that I’m coming to Israel in December…

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  • if you have a mac set the input to hebrew qwerty and it is phonetic (almost). q=ק b=ב n=×  and shift+n=ן and so on….

  • I saw that too! Fun!

    You’re coming to Israel! Yeah! Will I be here for your visit? I am going to be in NC/SC from the 13th until the new year…

  • Esther,
    You can order those stickers online at

    They actually have keyboards with Hebrew letters painted alongside the English ones. I picked one up at a local Judaica store last year. The only problems are that you have to set up MS Office to for Hebrew fonts and right to left support, and remember to change messages you get in Outlook to read Hebrew as well.

    There’s also multilingual keyboards in Israel. I bought one in Eilat but lost it while trying to make a flight at JFK a few years ago. I don’t know if they’ll work with a US version of Office or other software, though.

  • Thanks, everyone. I hate that I’m nerdy enough to know what a qwerty is. But I will be in Israel from Dec 25 until sometime in January…John, you and I have a date at coffeeshop or somewhere else convenient. No worries.