If you’re like me, you’ve stayed awake nights wondering…”What kind of Moses would Val Kilmer make?” And your prayers were slightly answered with “The Prince of Egypt,” where the voice of Moses was supplied by the former Jim Morrison. “Ah yes, but what if he were to sing?…”

Now’s your chance to pick up the DVD recording of “The Ten Commandments: The Musical,” which was produced in Los Angeles in 2004 and is now available on DVD for home viewing.

For the complete review, see my post at Beliefnet here.

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  • So you’re their Hollywood reporter now!? Cool! Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’

  • Agree that Val would make a fab Moses…check out the latest issue of BlackBook Magazine. They interviewed him on his ranch in the middle of nowhere, and Val waxes philosophical about his dream to build an eco-colony, or something.