For what seems like no apparent reason, The Washington Post is singing the praises of the German Colony, singling out Caffit, Selina and Olive and assigning “bonus points” to Colony, because it is open on Shabbat.

But where is praise for the free wireless access that’s available most everywhere in the Colony? And the bagels at Tal? Or the breakfast special at Coffeeshop that has enough food in it to serve an entire unit of the IDF, and what about bartender Benny who gives me free mini-versions of the restaurant’s specialty shakes? And what about that erotica shop hidden in plain sight next to Cafe Hillel? (Not that I’ve been there, but you catch my drift…)
Obviously, the writer has a maximum word count, but the article gets credit for including phone numbers and websites that can be checked for those whose curiosity about visiting Jerusalem is not sated by the brief rundown in the article.

German Colony, see you soon.

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