Ariel Beery. You may know him from his work on Columbia Unbecoming, or from his mag Presentense, or from his Blogs of Zion blog, or from his op eds in the Forward and the Jerusalem Post, or from the good times with Mobius as well as the bad times. Everybody Jewish it seems knows Mr. Beery.

Or do they? I’ve just had the privilege of staying at his digs in NYC for a week. This gave me tremendous insite into the real Ariel. Check out the video clip above where Mr. Hashomer Hatzair rocks the Chanukiah with Aaron Small (formerly of the weirdest Jewish philanthropy ever – the Forest Foundation) and Lindsay Litowitz of Livnot. Last night, Ariel threw a party that was attended by like, the Jewiest Jews in New York City. Of course our Esther was there as were a whole mess of current/former/infrequent Jewschool bloggers namely David Kelsey, EV, Balam’s Donkey, Lilit Marcus (who I am sure thinks I am a total asshole, so to make up for that I will point you to 2 of her projects, namely Lilit in Stereo, her personal blog which I just added to our blogroll and Save the Assistants which is oodles of fun) and Shabot6000. There were others there too, like Aryeh Goldsmith of JRants and other projects, Sydney Henning from birthright israel, and a few folks I recognized from ROI120.

Man… Al Qaeda really missed out on a great opportunity… So what did we all do? Foment revolution? Discuss new ways to save the Jews? Study a blat of Gmarah? Nope. Allwe did pretty much was get drunk. And take lots of silly pics.

Hey… we’re all entitled to a day off once in a while, no?? Even Ariel Beery gets a day off…

Enjoy the party pics below!

Ariel Beery's PartyJewlicious’ Ariel Beery’s Party photoset

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • ck,
    Is there a spicy Moroccan rendition of Maoz Tzur, or do you guys also sing the high-church German tune?

  • Whoa, looks like good times.

    And looks like ck put a lot of time into a very short video clip. :-p

    The Forest Foundation are the guys behind Moishe House (Jewish living co-ops). Rabbi Yo posted on them back in June, me’thinks. And what you messin’ with Lilit for? Watch out, she knows a certain rabbanit-in-training in J’lem that knows where you live.

  • Seriously, how much time did you put into this? I shudder to think at how the footage you’ve taken will be used. Try to act responsibly…

  • what happened when you turned off the camera?

    ck snores in lindsay’s lap and beery falls asleep after drinking ONE GLASS of moscato.

    helluva party. tons of beer…mmm…beer. sorry if i broke or stole anything. im sure the shaman won’t mind.

    oyster you should do pr for the forest foundation. you do it now and don’t get paid for it.

  • Hehe, don’t worry Aaron. Isaac Zones has promised that the next Moishe House will be named the Kosher Oyster House in honor of my shameless plugging of my friends and hocking my connections. 😉

  • thanks for the flickr, nothing better than checking out a group of good looking jews. i thought shabot6000 was a robot that, that is kinda disappointing.

  • Aw man, now everyone will know that I don’t know the words to Ma’oz Tzur! If only the others knew the words to Anu Nosim LaPidim. Now THAT’s a hannuka song.

    It was an honor having you, CK, and a pleasure to have everyone else for the different events over this past week. May we celebrate many more holidays together…after my liver heals a bit. I mean, jeez, I’m not that young anymore, so it’s perfectly natural that I might take a nap after a stiff drink of sweet white wine.

    (Oh, and Harry, we gonna chase them crazy baldheads outta town–other than CK, of course, whose bald head is strictly Kosher)

  • beery, you should run for like, prime minister of new york..or maybe tribeca or SoHo. i still don’t really understand 5 county geography.

    ck, we need a website.

  • I can’t believe not one of you knows even ONE single over 40 straight guy for me!
    Come on, I’m so hip, cool, retro and vintage that I did Livnot program T26! Otherwise I’m going to have to start showing up at these “gatherings” you kids have and teach you how to really PAR-TAY!

  • Besides, Ariel had some good vibratto on one of those lines, which is all that matters. And Chutzpah, believe me, this situation affects more than just you. The Jewlicious @ the Beach crowd’s a little young for you, but we’ll get you to something else sometime.

  • Hey CK. It was good to meet you at Ariel’s party. Keep up the great work with Jewlicious! (It’s posts like these that enable me to recognize my favorite J-bloggers at parties, much to their surprise.)

  • chutzpah, you vintage/hip kinda babe– I know you’re mourning the passing of the Hardest-Working Man in Show Business. My condolences…. Up here in Boston, some enterprising types put on a 40+ Jewish singles night at one of the local clubs (Avalon, I think) on Christmas eve.

  • Middle– thanks, & happy holidays! With Xmas out of the way, we move on to a holiday we can all bitch about….

  • We’re all safe, I figure, til about, oh, October 15, 2007.

    I’m more irked by the TV ads, I’ve decided. Lexus, diamond. Diamond, Lexus…. If ‘every kiss begins with Kay’– even if you’re married– what does it take to get to second base? A rental in Tuscany?

  • Morrisey,
    What the F are you talking about????
    Sir Tom is fine and touring in the U.K. !
    Don’t scare me like that

  • I’m not sure 40+ events are a good idea, I’ve been to a few. The men are usually 60+, or even if they really are 40, they act and look like 60. Women take better care of themselves and age better most of the time. In many cases 42 year old women (like myself) really belong with 38 year old men.

  • This is the best idea of all, CP. I don’t understand why this is not implemented more often.

    I could have had this years ago but it is viewed as unnatural then, not sure bout now.

  • Yeah also am looking for a companion to Euro soon in a few weeks, all exp. paid, 4 star hotels, awesome places, gym, suana, the works.

  • chutzpah, if you’re suggesting in any way a similarity between Tom Jones and the late, great JB….. music maven Michael may boot you off this site permanently.

  • It seems that people like to complain about personal problems, but not to solve them.

    Then you have alot of folks prefer to talk politics and religion.

    They can sneak in the personal stuff but in a more oblique way.

  • Tom Jones is and always will be the Hardest Working Man in Show Business. He has toured over 300 days a year for over 35 years. He is THE VOICE and THE SEXIEST man God ever put on this planet and I would never compare him to ANYBODY because he is ONE OF A KIND.
    Join me on You Tube for clips of him doing “Let It Be” better than The Beatles (complete with sequins and hip motion).
    Until some 40 year old Jewish Prince comes and sweeps me off my feet (complete with Lexus, Diamonds and Tuscany rental , my fantasy with my 66 year old Knight is just as realistic as that fantasy.
    Condolences on Rick James and James Brown. Where is the next generation of Funky Ol’ Soul coming from? I just bought my Yeshiva Bocher 8 year old a Drum Set!

  • JakeB: Your parents read Jewlicious? Then you probably have more serious problems to worry about then getting busted for a ciggy…

  • political affairs mind you. It’s a statistical problem it is. In general there are more females around, they live longer, they aren’t killed in wars and murders as much. THey marry older men.

    At one point does one accept the answer is not what they would like but what they need to accept?

  • Steves R, it’s a “statistical problem” that young, hard-bodied, willing, eager, nubile young women end up with older guys?

    Dude, on the list of the world’s problems, this ain’t up there with global warming, know what I mean?

    chutzpah, check out John Legend. He’s no JB, but then again, you knew that.

  • John Legend can make the cross-over from the radio and dance floor to a Jewish girl’s bedroom fantasy with ease, as can R. Kelly and Usher. The late great Mr. Brown, not so much.

    Anyone up for a racist discussion of black men with Jewish women, this site is so boring since Esther is getting ready to leave…or lets talk about Dov Charney and really get the juices flowing!

  • Tom, I think Chutzpah was just stating a preference as far as what kind of Soul/R&B gets her certain juices flowing. You and I are both old enough to remember Mr. Jones in his prime and he did have that certain something.

    Chutzpah, I saw Mr. Brown live and up close and he was the hardest working man in the biz. Tom J. only had to worry about himself up there, but Mr. B. was doing it all and leading every aspect of the band – which was so big they had two bassists. If you find his early ’70s recordings there’s some great bedroom stuff there. I think you’d get it, more than those Jewlicious @ thebeachers who could be our grandkids.

    Is Esther really leaving? I know she’s threatened but now with Mr. Rick hot after her…

    #21 🙂

    … I thought she’d stick around fershure.

  • Grandkids? Not me, short-term lovers maybe, but certainly not grandkids!!! Shit, I’m only 42!

    Let’s just say Mr. Brown was not much to look at and TJ still has that certain something. It’s called raw animal sex appeal.

    Ricks/Jobber is enough to make any woman want to leave the country. I think I just discovered a gag reflex which I didn’t know I had.

  • ramon, props for crediting The JBs. I’ve heard that James was extremely tough on them– one fluffed trumpet note and your job was at risk.

    Yeah, chutzpah, JB sort of puffed out later in life. So did Elvis. Maybe it’s an occupational hazard… maybe even Bowie will grow a huge spare tire.

  • I couldn’t figure out why I might think you were an asshole… and then I saw the photo you took of me. Holy scary-looking pores, Batman!

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