incubationIf you haven’t noticed the rather large banner on the side of Jewlicious, go ahead and click on it now. It will take you to Bikkurim, a NY based incubator for new Jewish Ideas. Applications to join them are open until Feb. 1 and if you’ve got a hot Jewish project, trust me, you want to.

Bikkurim will help you give your project the tools and experience it needs to succeed in every stage from development to sustainability.

What does this mean? In addition to free NYC office space to house your fledgling organization, being incubated by Bikkurim means you get free consulting and help with organizational development in addition to cash stipends, subsidised services and a peer network of talented Jews.

Funded from a private donor, with little discernible agenda other than to help good projects see the light of day and flourish in it, Bikkurim is open to just about anything new. They’re super friendly, so feel free to give them a call to talk out whether your project would be a good fit.

Special thanks goes out to director of Bikkuim, Nina Bruder.

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Laya Millman


  • An egg in a handful of grass, very,very innovative …
    what do I miss?

  • if bikkurim REALLY wanted to support innovation, they’d open their funding to social entrepreneurs outside of new york city. ahem.

  • Sarah,

    Bikkurim is less about funding than it really is about providing certain organizational resources, the most important of which is office space. Since they’re based out of the UJC offices, it makes sense to be working with NY based groups. Of course, it would be great if bikkurim extended this project to other cities, but it’s still small and growing itself.

  • So they are using UJC offices but the project is funded by a private donor, not UJC?

  • Silly Sarah, everyone knows that there’s no Jewish life going on outside of NYC, LA, and Israel! ::roll::

  • Well it’s like this, if I remember correctly:

    Bikkurim is a project that operates in conjunction with JESNA. JESNA’s is housed within the UJC offices, but is a separate org. So the Bikkurim space offered is really JESNA space, in a sense, but both JESNA and UJC developed Bikkurim, with support from the kaminer family.
    So basically, private donor, for the most part.

    (former JESNA intern here)

  • Jesna has a presence in the Bay Area last I checked.

    Hey, I get it, there’s space in New York and it’s an incubator. Seriously, I get it. But I am frustrated that the only place people can get support for projects is in the very last place on earth that needs more Jewish projects. There is innovation all over the world, and honestly, as a former Jewish summer camp director, I can tell you that innovation in Jewish youth movements, at least, travels east from California. It would be great to see some projects out here get support. I’m happy to send my pitches to anyone who’s interested. 🙂

  • Also, I will move back to NYC if I have to, in order to get my projects funded. I think it’s a bonus that I don’t live there, but whatever, if it means I can get support I will do it. I am trying to believe it’s not necessary, but one after another, funders come out with this NYC stuff and I am starting to get the message…

  • No way, man.

    Screw this ny-centric nonsense. I’m moving to the bay area once i get my diploma.

  • Umm, PresenTense Magazine? Just wondering. Cheers & Happy Chanukah & Holidays! ‘VJ’

  • Oyster,

    When you said BM, we’re you referring to me?

    Because it’s a biblical reference, and a shitty one. I need a new alias. It has nothing to do with pooping.


    Bowel’s Movement

    No joke: I’m an educator with dimples. Those are hard to come by these days.

  • D’oh! That’ll learn me for trying to comment & talk on the phone at the same time. BD was the intended acronym. I guess I’m the one talking out of my ass? 😉

    I’m just tryin’ to retain the cool Jewish quotient of the Oy Bay Area. :-p