manischewitz.jpgThe Washington Post Times has an article about how kosher is going gourmet. All well and good, right? Until you realize that the article is actually about Manischewitz.

The country’s largest manufacturer of processed kosher foods is trying to grow by offering kosher options in line with today’s gourmet trends — flavored olive oil, wasabi horseradish sauce and whole-grain noodles — as well as appealing to non-Jewish consumers who buy kosher food because they think it is cleaner or like the dairy-free options.

I’m sorry, but any company that pawns off cough syrup as kosher “wine” just can’t be trusted in terms of taste buds.

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Laya Millman


  • But it’s ELDERBERRY cough syrup! How easy can that be for middle American gourmets to find, were it not for the Jews.

    But what’s in manishevitz different from real wine? How does it get so thick and viscous? is it concentrated into an actual syrup, then watered down?

    Wouldn’t that be dangerous if there actually was, hunerd percent disassociative cough syrup in manishewine? They wouldn’t! would they?

  • blacks and jews, btw, are the only people in the world united by an appreciation of sugar wine. Other people don’t appreciate it… no wait, Sangria is popular all over… but that shit’s classier.

    Maybe it’s because we all hurt so much, that only the sweetest wine feels ok.

  • Maybe it’s because we all hurt so much, that only the sweetest wine feels ok.

    Yoseph Crack, I heart you THIS much.

    Did you know that Manischewitz is widely popular and heavily advertised in the Caribbean? If it’s good enough for the Jamaicans, it’s good enough for me.

  • As a former Washingtonite, I feel obligated to point out the article was in the Washington Times, not the Washington Post.

    Woodward and Bernstein would probably have simultaneous heart attacks if they were confused for having worked at the Times.

  • Maybe cause it’s watered down and cheap. Besides, Sfardim can’t drink real wine, or hold their liquor (most at least). Yea I went there and what?

  • Uh… are you in New York DiGiTaL? Or will you be in Jerusalem any time soon? Is it our fault the ashkenazic wine market is dominated by Manishewitz and its ilk? Our tastes in wine are appropriate and I’m confident we’re superior to all y’all in all the manly arts. You can bank on that.

  • Pshhh, I live in Brooklyn. The and have conducted my emperically based research within the sferdic community, have been to many sfardic Shabbats and they love that sweet stuff, and really plastered easily. Next time your in NY it would be my pleasure to test my theory with you (on me). What is your criteria for manly arts? Who wears the biggest Chemsa or has the spikiest hair?

  • I tend to type in haste between work and writing reports. Please excuse my poor syntax.

  • Three words: Chocolate. Covered. Tam-Tams.

    And a fourth word: Yech!

    I saw these at the local Shaw’s market. Three flavors. No way.

  • Question for the kosher winos here… is our favorite “the first time I got drunk and puked my guts out was when I stole a bottle of tzady’s…” Manischewitz Concord Grape meshuval wine? Can Christians get sick from it too?

    I’m partial to the Herzog wines but that’s probably because up here near Swede’s Hollow that’s about my only choice. Anyways, thought I’d link the kosher wine review for y’all.

    At least Manischewitz is still privately and Jewish owned, unlike Knorr.