The good folks at National Lampoon have unearthed a lost episode of Seinfeld. Featuring the whacky antics of Michael Richards (Kramer), the episode is a take-off-collage thing, inspired by Richards’ recent racist rantings during a gig at a comedy club.

In other Michael Richards news, none other than Mel Gibson himself has expressed sympathy for Richards’ current predicament:

“I feel really badly for the guy. He was obviously in a state of stress,” Gibson said in an interview in Entertainment Weekly’s Dec. 8 issue. “You don’t need to be inebriated to be bent out of shape.”

Richards, who has been described as totally whacked in real life, apologized for his unhinged behavior at a recent appearance on the David Letterman show. Gibson, as you may recall, also apologized after making anti-Semitic comments to a police officer in Malibu, California, during his July 28 arrest on suspicion of drunken driving.

With friends like that…

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  • they as individuals are not really that funny. Even Jerry, as a solo act, doesn;t get more than a lukewarm smile from me on a rare occassion. As a sitcom,it was ok for a couple of years.

    That it is still running 10 years after it stopped being live, is a testament to the lack of good comedians that exists, period.

    This Richards jerk, I hope some AA sets him straight.

  • They as individuals don’t have Larry David writing their material. And anyway I disagree, Jerry Seinfeld is a pretty funny guy. He’s good with the observational stuff.

  • There is a group of Anglos in Jerusalem trying to establish a whole stand up comedy thing in English, my old friend Charlie Warrady is one of them.

    I am perplexed that Jewlicious hasn’t covered them and given them a big shout out.

  • I always thought Seinfield had dry shallow humor. I’m not saying everything in life has to be deep and profound but seinfield was a very self absorbed comedy about self absorbed people.

    Richards shouldn’t have said wait he did yet it is true everyone is alittle racist. I don’t mean “hate crime racist” just that we feel uncomfortable if we’re the minority ethnicality in an area and that sometimes we might tell racial jokes such as ” A musician Jew,a White blonde chick ,an Asian Buddhist, an artist Polock,a Black supervisor, and a Hispanic ranch owner enter a bar…what will happen?!”