In a recent post, Allison over at wrote about a video karaoke booth set up by Israeli cellular provider Orange. The idea was that random Israeli passerbys would pop in and record a video karaoke clip to the tune of Tom Jones’ Sex Bomb. Said clips would then be uploaded to Israeli YouTube clone Flix

Allison focussed on this one guy who made an honest go of it and actually came in knowing more than just the chorus of the song. She also made reference to this group of little tzatzkalehs (Jewish “hotties”) who made up for their lack of musical skillz with some MTV inspired moves and facial expressions. But what nearly killed me, literally, was this group made up of two Grampas and a Nephew? Grandson? Whatever… Allison couldn’t identify the languages they spoke but, being a bit more cosmopolitan than Allison the eternal Jerusalemite, I was able to identify the fact that they were Sephardic (who else sings Sex Bomb with a Kippah?) and speaking a combination of bad english, Arabic (“Aiwa! Aiwa!”) and French (T’est le champion Nicolas!). Here’s the clip:

Allison took pleasure in how bad everyone’s English was. This coming from the perspective of an olah struggeling with Hebrew. My perspective came from the clip making me miss my Dad and my community of goofy Moroccan Jews back in Montreal. Suffice it to say I laughed my ass off, and that’s why I hate See, I am still suffering from my recent bike spill and resulting rib injury. Laugter = pain, pain = hatred towards whoever caused it. Sorry Allison, but thems the rules. Stop making me laugh!

Anyhow, for those of you who want to reproduce the Orange Karaoke experience from the comfort of your home or cubicle, here’s Tom Jones and mousse T singing the peppermint disco radio mix version of Sex Bomb that you can sing along to. Uh… enjoy.

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  • CK: I agree with you, the grandpas are more charming than anything else. They seem to be having such a good time. *sigh* Wish that I was in Israel.

  • Thanks for making my day! What the world needs is more Tom Jones !

  • I can’t read the Hebrew comments, but are people on Flix as nasty as people on Youtube?

    I mean, put some of that stuff on Youtube, and you’d get comments about whether the people are ugly, how badly they sing, how their bodies are too X or not enough Y.

    Can I, Dare I, Could I hope it’s different there?

  • Tzatzkalehs? That is an interesting spin.

    This is current slang? It means more of a nudnik I think,

  • That’s so awesome. Go, Zaidehs, go! No way would I ever be able to get my grandfather to do something like that.

  • The article in Jon C.’s link said that no bicycles are allowed on trains in Israel.

    I’m a bit puzzled about the reasoning behind such a decision, especially since Israel is a country where you can easily ride your bicycle the whole year round… So one would think mass transportation would gladly offer support for bicyclers.

  • Dude…get some vicodin and then I’ll send you some awesome TJ videos that’ll make you feel even happier.