T.A.T.U.So uh… what happens when you combine 2 scantily clad faux-lesbian Russki pop-tarts, with a uhm… Orthodox Jewish boys choir?

Something that can only be described as wrong. So very, very wrong.

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  • I think I’m in love…

    (Even if it does have Eli Gerstner’s (writer and producer of “The Chevra”) fingerprints all over the song…)

    (Plus, I like writing sentences with more than one set of ellipses.)

  • see, that was lame just cuz it didn’t really fit (rhythm of the audio and visual). now if it had fit, THAT would been pretty funny…

    i really hate tatu just cuz they were faking it. they exploited an entire group just for their own profit. ugh.

  • They disgust me for the same reason. They used the “hot lesbian” thing to forward their careers, and then they weren’t really even gay…? FifthDaughter is right, that is exploitation. And general assholeishness.

    Plus their music kinda sucks.

  • Aw, lighten up. They wouldn’t be the first shtick-group to exploit Judaism for profit in the music world. They join the ranks of Matisyahu.

  • The Yevarech song is dissapointing musically, no matter which video you dub it to. And wrong? CK, wheres your funny bone? Not that this was funny, because it just was lame.

  • These guys are hillarious, but not per se because of the song ck posted. They have a charmingly incompetent cover of the Smith’s ‘How Soon is Now’ (see here) from a few years ago. Rabbi Y, if you don’t find that kinda funny, then you are the one missing the funny bone! It’s especially funny because at least one of them clearly does not know any English whatsoever (see this cheeky intereview here for confirmation – the black haired one doesn’t know the English word for breasts! Muffti totally recommends watching this interview – its the most hillarious thing he’s seen in a while.

  • Watch the video! Blackhaired grabs redhaired’s breast and says ‘I like, vat eez zee name for zeees’?

    Muffti is still laughing.

  • mufti, when I played the video I only heard the song by the yeshiva choir, and not the tatu girls singing. Maybe that is the problem.

    So when I play it I get the Yevarech song and the video.

  • Rabbi, the english Muffti was referring ot was in the link he provided in the comment (for that cover of the ‘How Soon is Now’. It’s pretty ok to watch tzinus-wise, Muffti thinks. And funny.

  • TATU was/is many things. Janna, a muscovite who worked in my office, used to listen to them all the time before they made their big splash in North America. Their shtick was lame and obviously a marketing ploy, but I will always remember them fondly for their appearance at the MTV movie awards in what was and remains “The single hottest awards music segment EVER” You caan judge for yourself by clicking here. Definitely not tznius friendly. Please note P.Diddy making an ass of himself.

    I have no idea why Kenny would know anything about these two. Now has anyone identified the boy’s choir yet?

  • I didn’t get it and I didn’t understand the Hebrew, but it did look like a good recruitment video for Eiyat or Neve Yerushalyim…was big Aish behing this thing?