We know a great phrase when we see it. And so, apparently, does Pissed Off Liberal Jew who commented earlier as follows: “Oh it would be so hot on College Campuses.”

Well now it can be! Introducing the newest addition to our Jewlicious Apparel line of ironical Jewish themed shirts: Palestine is for Lovers.

We have also recently brought back due to popular demand our I Love Israel shirts, written both in Arabic and in English, Feel the love people, feel the love!.


See also Palestine is for Gay Lovers!

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Laya Millman


  • I strongly encourage you to add a Jewlicious logo to the Palestine t-shirt. I don’t think the irony is apparent otherwise.

  • I don’t know, Middle. I think the P shirt’s pretty brilliant. The deadpan approach is terrific.

  • Well, just wait till you see it on a pro-Palestinian political advocate. 😉 Imagine, say, Jimmy Carter wearing it. Wouldn’t you think he’s serious?

  • You’ve got a point. And the Palestinians have never been distinguished for their sense of humor, have they?

  • I dunno, Hamas based their “Charter” on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a forgery. Isn’t that funny?

  • Yeah– laughter in the dark, I guess.

    Ongoing events in Gaza make me wonder whether the Ps have their own, very different definition of ‘deadpan’.

  • Hey Tom, did you see the NY Times Sunday magazine on the Hispanicization of the US Catholic Church? It ran Yesterday.

  • On the top of my news pile to read. Can’t say there’s much evidence of it here in Boston, but sooner or later it’ll get reflected in the priesthood; the local parish has seen its share of young Vietnamese priests in recent years.

    Hmm…. Mexican food at church socials. Cool.

  • I have to agree with TM about the shirt’s vaguery.

    Did I just agree with something TM said?!?!?!

  • From your statement MADE IN THE USA our European judgement towards the quality of of the shirt can honestly be rated with
    below average,
    far below!

    No, I’m not French.

  • Um. I don’t see the irony. At first glance, which is probably what most people see, it just reads: Palestine is for lovers. No reading between the lines necessary. That works for tons of people, like most members of the UN and that annoying self-hating (Jew) kid in my Palestinian-Israeli lit class.

  • themiddle said:

    I hope not, cuz if you did chances are you’re well on your way to becoming Christian.

    The New Paul

    “”Paul, not Jesus, was the founder of Christianity as a new religion which developed away from both normal Judaism and the Nazarene variety of Judaism.”
    The Mythmaker, by Hyam Maccoby


  • POLJ: Jews are better at dishing out irony then they are at buying it so don’t be planning your retirement quite yet based on profits generated by “Palestine is for Lovers” t-shirts. That having been said, if there is a sudden run on PIFL shirts, we’ll gladly donate the profits to a suitable non-profit like… the Likud Party? Birthright israel? By the way POLJ, you have the best unread blog in the heebosphere, even if you are a “proud reform Jew.” Just sayin…

    Joachim von Tripp zu Trapp: The shirts are made by American Apparel. I recall when the first AA stores opened in Germany, the krauts went mad and there were lines out the door to get in. There are even a couple of stores in Paris patronized by any number of French people! Look, if I want haute couture, Europes the place to go. But t-shirts are an American classic. Everyone knows that!

    TM and Shy Guy: Get a room.

    Look, the t-shirt is funny and if you see anyone wearing it, give ’em a wink cuz they got it on Jewlicious!

  • Maybe it’s a Diaspora thing – everyone I’ve asked on this side of the ocean has gotten a good laugh out of it.

    I think the humor is pretty clear, but subtle enough that if you don’t get it, the joke’s on you.

  • ck: Thanks for the kind words. I was thinking if we donate the profits to the Gush Katif folks – cause they really love Palestine – we could really piss off everyone!

  • Laya,

    If I didn’t know better, I’d think your crowd was all a bunch of Zionist Entity supporters or something. Wear that in Williamsburg, it’s not clear what you are saying. Something messed up, but not clear who you are making fun of — perhaps both sides, perhaps the situation.

  • What about the “I Love Esther K”

    Do it, it will be your biggest seller.

    I guarentee this. If you don’t then I will.

  • Shy Guy is in your neck of the woods, Laya.

    Shy Guy, you don’t need to convince me about Paul as mythmaker, just a couple of billion Christians. I have to tell you that when I told my wife some schmuck person on the Internet called me Paul, she actually gasped aloud. Then she shook her head and laughed quietly at how foolish the comment was and the lack of perceptiveness of the name-caller. We talked for a while about extremists.

  • You guys seriously need to make that “Palestine is for lovers” shirt more obvious are coming from a Jewish source.

    I think it’s great, but can def. see people who attend “Free Palestine- Anti Israel” rallies wearing that shirt, etc.

  • Just don’t ask me to dust you off when you get knocked off your horse, Middle. If Caravaggio painted him, he can’t be all bad, can he?

  • ck referring to the Likud Party as a non-profit? Now that’s a damn funny irony so transparent even I get it. Of course all proceeds will be deposited directly into Bibi’s Cayman Islands account… please don’t tell him I said that…

  • Tom, Paul was brilliant, founded a new faith followed by billions, and I can’t even accuse him of some of the stuff that happened to Jews in the name of Christianity.

    He just ain’t my main man, if you know what I mean.

  • There’s the title for your hip-hop album, Middle: ‘It Takes a Nation of Billions to Hold Us Back.’

  • ck,

    wear the christ killer shirt around Jerusualem a few times and tell me how it goes. then maybe i’ll get one for myself…..

    ck=christ killer? if so it only took me about a year of surfing jewlicious to figure it out….