Wolf Blitzer talks to former KKK leader turned politician David Duke about his attendance at Iran’s Holocaust conference.

I’m seriously speechless.

It seems Duke has taken a lesson from Arab leaders to never actually answer a direct question. Between babbling on about Holocaust denial being a matter of Freedom of Speech (as if Iran honors freedom of speech) and the Zionist media conspiracy, Duke starts throwing lines at Blitzer like “you’re a Jew! You’re a Zionist Agent!”

It would make Mel Gibson proud.

Watch the whole thing. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Hat tip to EV.

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Laya Millman


  • too bad wolfie lets the bile spill unabated, even though duke comes off as a douche without any effort.

  • The American government are tools of the Zionist Media? The conference in Iran was about freedom of speech? We should let Nazis out of prison because they’re in their 80s?

    Ahmadinejad’s comment about Israel being “wiped off the map” is clearly a euphemism for a change in government?

    You know, I really wish that the Jews had as much power and money and media control as anti-Semites think we do.

  • You know, I really wish that the Jews had as much power and money and media control as anti-Semites think we do.

    If we did life would be different, wouldn’t it.

  • It seems Duke has taken a lesson from Arab leaders to never actually answer a direct question.

    Muffti is no fan of most Arab leaders, but the implication of this above is patently ridiculous!

    QUESTION: Might we go after a country like Libya or Syria?

    BUSH: First of all, we’ve got all our options on the table because we want to make it very clear to nations that you will not threaten the United States or use weapons of mass destruction against us or our allies or friends.

  • TM – no, I didn’t actually. Come to think of it, ck must not have either. Nothing personal, I just don’t usually read the long political posts. Nonetheless, hat tip to you!

    Muffti – you are right, that wasn’t the most accurate statement. Plenty of politicians never answer questions directly, and our own president is certianly one of them.

  • I give it to Wolf for remaining composed while that ass was on his show, but I hate that he gave him so much airtime for his crazy rants. It seemed to legitimize Duke to give him such a platform

  • My feeling is we would still be in trouble without Israel. Supporting the Jewish cause doesn’t help matters, though.

  • Goy Boy, you are exactly right. Supporting the only democracy in the Middle East that not only shares our liberal values, but is also a critical ally in strategic and military capabilities. Every thing Israel is fighting shouldnt only be considered Israels problems- terrorist tactics get exported. So this so called Jewish Cause you are talking about does not only apply to Jews. It applies to you as well.

  • So why support the Jewish Cause? What do I get out of it? We already have the democratic India on our side.

  • So why support the indian cause? we already have the democratic England, Israel and Australia on our side?

    The same question can be asked about any country.

    I think we should support every democracy.

    (btw, Muslim extremists have done lots of suicide bombings against India because of India’s control of Kashmir.)

    (Muslim extremists also killed 300+ people in Russia over control of land there.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beslan_school_hostage_crisis )

  • You have nothing to say about what David Duke said.

    That tells me he may not be wrong.

  • Neo there ain’t much to say about a history distorter.

    Quite interesting that Germany lodges a protest against the conference and Duke who never had anything to do with Europe can say what did or didnt happen there.

    Interesting that all European countries contradict all those who deny the history of Europe when they and their parents were never there.

  • Haha, I loved where he said that Wolf can’t handle the truth. However, Wolf should have retorted, “Mr. Duke, DID YOU ORDER THE CODE RED?!!!”

  • Oh, and forgot something. Did anyone notice how he took the talking points of the far left? Also, did anyone see the comments on the YouTube page, talking about how David Duke of Hazzard “owned” Wolf? That for one really scared me, mostly b/c of how the Hitler-Mufti alliance could resurface in the form of Duke-Islamists, in which the Islamists would get a foothold on the US in the form of Duke. Add Dhimmi Carter with his forgery and Jim Baker’s attempt at Munich II, and we could be looking at some really tough times ahead as a people.

  • Come home, Joe. There are plenty of fellow schmos already here, waiting for you with open arms.

  • You are right, I feel thats its the right place based on all that Ive learnt and all that has happened to us as a people.