milton photoEzra Bookstein, Emmy award winning cinematographer & filmmaker, has won a Gold Medal at this year’s Park City Music Film Festival, for his film The Rich Have Their Own Photographers (2006), a documentary about the life and work of photographer Milton Rogovin.

This is a deeply inspirational film about the life and artwork of America’s premiere social documentary photographer alive today. After being persecuted for being a communist in 1957, Milton Rogovin refused to be silenced. He began photographing poor, disenfranchised and working class communities in Bufffalo, NY and then around the World. Now 96, his entire collection is housed by the Library of Congress.

The Park City Film Music Festival is a new independent film festival, presenting film music competition for both INDIE and studio-sponsored films, a performance showcase for composers with seminars for composers, musicians, songwriters and groups.

Rabbi Yonah, Ezra’s brother, and is shepping a lot of naches.

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  • I knew him then! I mean Ezra – not Milton.
    And the movie is really great. Make sure to see it in the theater near you.