Hooper2.jpgA list of the news briefs from CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) yesterday:

MN: Open House Lifts Veil of Mystery at Islamic Center
Advocates Hopeful Congress Will Ban Racial Profiling
NC: After ‘Hate-Crime’ Melee, Calm Eludes School
CA: Faithful Make Journey to Mecca
Israel ‘Broke US Arms Deal Terms’
Israel to Buy US Bomb Kits for $100 M
CA: Shots Fired at Islamic Center
Islam-Basher to Speak in Michigan
NY/NJ: Imam Moves from City Mosque to Suburbia
Canadian Village Acts on Anti-Muslim Stereotypes
Il est interdit de lapider les femmes!
ME: Feds Won’t Charge Man Who Rolled Pig’s Head Into Mosque
CA: Mosques Enlisted to Help Fight Breast Cancer
U.S. Muslims’ Beliefs Vary Like Other Believers
South African Muslims Seek ‘Travel Treaty’ with US

Here’s a list of their press releases:

Video: CAIR Director Comments on Arar Settlement
U.S. Muslims Call Al-Arian Imprisonment ‘Double Jeopardy’
Slurs Used During Assault on Florida Muslim

No wonder their “we hate and condemn terror line” falls so flat. No, Muffti isn’t surprised. All is similarly silent at the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

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  • Jesus, Muffti, what did you expect?

    You needed an entire post to prove that CAIR doesn’t give a shit about Muslim terrorism against Jews?

    Your innocence is touching, though.

    Never lose that. You’ll just turn into an alter kocker like me.

  • Thanks, Ephraim; Muffti thinks. Muffti may be a bit of an alter kocker however; notice that he said ‘no, Muffti is NOT surprised…’

  • Ughhh, you guys have those stupid thumbnail popups also, now? Has *anyone* ever found those things helpful.

    This should disable them but it’s not working for me…

  • You could be a yunger kocker if there is such a thing, but you don’t have the mileage to be an alter kocker yet.

    I mean, you’re still in your early 30s, right?

    An old guy who cops attitude and is a snarky pain in the ass is an alter kocker.

    A guy your age who acts like that is just a post-modern hipster with delusions of grandeur.

  • Aw sorry JSinger! I actually find them helpful which is why I put them up in the first place. They help me identify spam and no longer active web sites. Also when someone makes an oblique reference to a web site I can see what the site is before clicking to open it. But if others really hate it i can take it down… just send us your opinion in the contact form.

  • Well, the disabling I linked to above seems to have kicked in now. (I guess emptying the cache wasn’t enough.) You might want to maybe add a front page link to it. Anyway, thank you for addressing my concerns!!!