You all might remember Daniel Pearl. He was murdered on Feb. 1st, 2002 by a militant Islamic group calling itself The National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty. They made a number of demands to the United States for his release, none of which were met, resulting in his grisly murder and decapitation which was shown on a video released by the terrorists. His final words were “I am Jewish.”

And now, Paula E. Kirman, a writer and editor from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has posted a video on YouTube announcing a campaign to get other YouTube members to record their own version of Pearl’s last words – “I am Jewish” – as a tribute. The sponsors of this campaign, the Jewish Journal and The Daniel Pearl Foundation will be featuring videos uploaded by YouTubers all month on the Jewish Journal Web site and on YouTube.

They ask people to email video tributes to [email protected] but I just went ahead and uploaded my own video… clearly someone at the Jewish Journal does not “get” the internets… anyhow, in the hopes of inspiring further tributes to Daniel Pearl, here’s mine:

Shabbat Shalom!

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  • Actually, I do ‘get’ the series of tubes you people call the internets. Google me — I’m no newbie.

    Anyhow, I’ve corrected the text to add “If you don’t have a YouTube account.”

    Thanks for pointing out my omission and, more importantly, for your tribute.

    Shabbat Shalom.

  • Hey ck, can I use the post to plug some other Daniel Pearl-related events? What? I can? Thanks man –

    Upcoming LAMC presentation of the “Daniel Variations” composed by the ridiculously brilliant Steve Reich. For all you Los Angelistas, it’s on the 28th at Walt Disney Hall…

    Of all the great things Judea Pearl is doing and the programs and events the Daniel Pearl Foundation supports, the best is how Daniel’s love of music is honored by this event:

    All you coffeehouse buskers, Matis wannabees, rappers, dubbers, earnest alt-countriers/rockers, techno d.js., book a show in October and do the do. If friggin Stipe can so can you!! And find a fiddle player. They don’t go out much so you’ll have to ask around. Thanks ck…

  • Brilliant. My only concern is a counter campaign ” I am a racist Jew hating college student” that the MSA might start.

  • Yeah who cares about Daniel Pearl he got what he deserved. Fuck him he was a dirty Jew that got we we had comming his off sawed off by a muslim with a brain.