Middle America just doesn’t “get” kashrut. Former professional wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan and his family appear in a reality TV show. In this video clip, the Hulkster and his wife have just moved to a very Jewish and very frum neighborhood in Miami. When they go to visit the neighbors with fresh baked cookies, they discover that no one can eat them because the cookies are not kosher. Afterwards they start planning a party where they will invite all their neighbors and serve them kosher food… but first they need to figure out what that means. Lessons learnt? Bananas are kosher. Men and women shaking hands? Not so kosher. Grilling kosher and unkosher meat together on a grill that hasn’t been dipped in a mikva, even if it’s new?

Geez. What the hell do you think? Aw just watch the video. It’s really funny…

OK, well, not funny ha! ha! More like funny… ha. But still, props to the Hulkster for being so considerate and chill. For an added bonus, read some of the moronic comments from some of the YouTubers.

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