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  • we killed him so he could fulfill the myth they needed to make him paranormally interesting. this crap is just so boring and really comes out of the mouths of people who seems to have never read a word of their own fucking bilge, er bible. man i hate virginia.

  • wow nathan, you completely did not understand the context of the quote. The meaning was that having the Jews apologize for killing Christ is ludicrous because the present day Jews have absolutely nothing with his death. And your statement “we killed him…” – all I can say is, what is wrong with you???

  • Danny, you said “the present day Jews have absolutely nothing (to do) with his death.” Its my understanding that Jews were not responsible for his death, but the Roman authorities were. The Sanhedrin may have had some influence but they were not responsible. The Romans couldn’t have a man claiming he was the messiah so they crucified him. No matter what the Passion or the Gospels have said.

    I guess my question is what is wrong w/ both of you?

  • haha wow.

    To me, the saddest part of this quote is that if you look at it, it’s like saying that slavery never happened in the US, since the analogy is Jews killing Jesus (which didn’t happen). So it’s as if he’s saying “Why should we apologize for something that we [or our ancestors] weren’t responsible for?”

    Either that or it’s saying that the Jews ARE responsible for killing Jesus.

  • Um… yeah. Here’s a rephrase:

    “Well if WE gotta say sorry for slavery – THEY gotta say sorry for killing a Jew… no, wait – shit”

    🙂 Shabbat Shalom

  • Del. Hargrove was misquoted: he said ‘the Italian government,’ not ‘Jews’.

  • We can’t turn this into a victim-olog either. I used to be obsessed with the history of the Jesus vis-a-vis the Roman and the Jews.

    No matter what arguments or (re)framings can me made about what happened, we Jews have to face the fact that many good-willed, even philo-semetic, Christians don’t like us telling them that their cherished gospel accounts of the trial and cruxifiction are flawed.

    I’m advocating, for now, letting it go. There is a certain etiquette that needs be employed when dealing with Christians in the greater scope of things. I’ve seen too many Jews, and I recovered from this, get too sensitive about this issue.