300px_Elath_Eilat_Israel_Strand_Hotel_datafox.jpgEilat, known for its babes, beaches and cheesy decor, was the location of a suicide bombing, apparently engineered by Islamic Jihad and Al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigades. The bomber, 21 year old ex-Gazan Mohammed Saqsaq, was apparently driven into town by a friendly resident. Saqsaq ended his and 2 other people’s lives in a bakery, apparently as a result of being reported to the police for suspicious behavior.

What Muffti found odd and terrifying about the news report was the following line:

Islamic Jihad said the attack was meant to help bring an end to weeks of Hamas-Fatah infighting…We held back on operations for a while and gave the stage to Fatah and Hamas to conduct unity government discussions. We saw that it has not achieved anything, so we have reverted to martyrdom operations.”

It doesn’t seem to have worked: Hamas stuck to their usual guns, that the attack was a ‘natural response’ to occupation. Fatah paid lip service to their most recent party line:

We are against any operation that targets civilians, Israelis or Palestinians

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? And we were doing so well: the last, ahem, martyrdom operation in Israel happened last April.

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  • I believe that it is 3 innocent people have died either immediately or from wounds sustained by the explosion.

  • 3 are dead as a result of the bombing.

    Also, Muffti, please note that the Fatah announcement really is just lip service since the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade is a Fatah group and, as you noted, they took credit for the bombings.

  • Fatah could easily be involved in both. On the one hand, they don’t want a long fight with Hamas – so they unite with other factions to kill Jews. On the other hand, they can’t be seen to fall behind Hamas in the turf-war – so they continue kidnapping and killing Hamas members.

    Also, Fatah isn’t an homogenous entity. There are many parts of the al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades operated by Iran/Hezbollah. Chances are it is those elements who were involved in the bombing. The thugs are the ones shooting at Hamas, and the pragmatic murderers like Abbas condemn the attack.

  • Question…

    Are the people who died in this bombing really innocent? Perhaps I am niggling with the term , playing semantics, but…

    I ask because if you suppose that Israel fights for the land, makes every member (give or take) a warrior/soldier in a battle to maintain sovereignty against an onslaught of twisted logic and hatred (and some might say vengeance, but with whom I disagree) doesn’t it follow that anyone who is in Israel – if on vacation from the US or a resident – is in fact a warrior for the cause of Israel?

    I am willing to give casualty, but I eschew innocent in favor of fallen hero for the State and People of Israel. Sometimes this just feel like a war in slow motion.

  • Are you kidding? Yeah, people working in a bakery are HUGE EVIL WARRIOR OCCUPIERS. What the hell’s wrong with you?

  • Nathan, you’re a bitch – excuse my french. There’s no justification of killing people, Civilians or Soldiers because the ultimate solution will come from negotiation. Palestinian armed groups know it too. The tragedy is that they continue to send other people’s children to their deaths.
    Once again, Nathan – you’re a bitch.

  • There are apprently no absolutes in Nathan’s world which makes him an absolute idiot.

  • How can there be factional fighting between Hamas and FATAH when they’re identical Arab military units occupying the same Mandated Israeli Territory?

    Arab military units,

    whom target civilians,

    whom target more civilians by operating from within civilian districts,

    whom dress up in suits to meet Quartet/Israeli and other world officials,

    whom exist openly with headquarter offices,

    whom are described in worldmedia/officialdom as rogue independent militias,

    whom have tv stations,

    whom appear with a hundred different ever-changing names,

    whom all speak the exact same words as if reading from a tired script,

    whom hold Israelis hostage incommunicado for months,

    whom are never condemned by the World Community,

    whom are never condemned by International Rights Movements,

    whom are never the target of international boycotts,

    whom are “given” Mandated Israeli Territory by International Roadmap Plans,

    whom are given Mandated Israeli Territory by the GOI whom identically mirrors International Quartet Roadmap Plans,

    whom are encouraged by The Wall dividing Israel by one third and seperating Eastern Israel from the Mediteranean,

    How can they not be the same Arabs?