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I can’t tell you the number of times I’m in downtown Manhattan with some kosher people looking for a little post-PresenTense staff meeting nosh. But downtown is confusing…my nice organized Upper West Side grid is suddenly gone, replaced by extra avenues that never existed before and with Broadway, clearly a west side thoroughfare, all of a sudden crossing over to the east side of town. I mean, imagine the chaos if at an Orthodox shul, I suddenly decided to cross over to the other side of the mechitzah?

But I digress.

Now all kosher New Yorkers need is text. Thanks to Kosher-ny.com, text an address, a cross-section or partial restaurant name to eat@kosher-ny.com and within seconds, you’ll get a response. Yeah, it’s helpful, but what does it cost? “While the service is free, you may incur charges from your cell phone service provider for incoming and outgoing messages. Check with your service provider for details.”

Hekhshers are abbreviated (list of abbreviations and other info here for your convenience).

(Kippah tip to KosherToday)

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  • OMG! This is brilliant! I’ve been storing up mobile tips to share with co-workers. If we only had a NY office I would send this out, but I will definitely share with my NY cohorts.


  • Will this service also help you find Kosher porn? How about Kosher food in New York that doesn’t suck? Or a decent Kosher lunch that doesn’t cost $40? Any and all suggestions welcome as I will be in New York soon (lock up your daughters, hide your silver away…) – double bonus for fish and vegetarian options.

  • Just checked out the site — no, cant use it to find porn, but you it does have a price guide for each individual listing — and it has a way to search by vegetarian and everything! Love it … the site is just as good as the texting option!

  • I have been busy this days, so now i am back. Big up’s for ck, same for me.:)