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  • Viral videos are a good idea in general. But this? Clearly it was put together by non-pros and so I’ll try to be kind. First – its too long. A good viral video should be under a minute long unless it’s really spectacular. Second – the Borat thing was cute bordering on trite last year – this year it is simply derivative. “Wawaweewa!” is the new “Wuzuuup” and in the hands of non-professionals, meaning anyone other than Sacha Baron Cohen, it’s just not funny. I don’t mean to sound too negative – the Borat thing could have been excused if the video was shorter. Better luck with your future efforts.

  • Viralvic,
    pls come to LongBeach on Tuesday and youcan meet the folks whomade this, film students from some major schools, and then you can show them how to do the next one.

    We really appreciate your help!

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