You’re embarrassing me!

That’s a plaintive wail that one doesn’t usually hear from children until they are usually well into their teens. Or at least their tweens. It’s rarely heard by one week old infants. Until now. Dad, or Harry as you all know him, decided to put up a video of us on YouTube. The clip, meant to be sent to Sabba and Savta, features Dad speaking in a silly baby voice. Why did Daddy decide to share this with the world? I don’t know. Maybe he wanted to show people that my head is now no longer conical?

Whatever Dad. I find this spectacle of me being unceremoniously held aloft like that a bit, I don’t know, undignified? Better you should have told people about Israel’s launching of Webcam coverage of the Mugrabi Gate excavations – at least that might help quell violence in Israel instead of merely mortifying me with embarrassment!

One good piece of news today though. It’s been reported that despite Bar Ilan University’s approval of his research and defense of his Jewish Blood libel book, Professor Ariel Toaff is nonetheless suspending its publication. Of course any claim that lends credence to the Blood Libel and strengthens accusations that Jews consume the blood of Christian babies is going to piss people off. As for me, I’m just relieved. So far no one has tried to feed me gross Christian baby blood and it seems no one ever will – because that’s not what Jews do. Phew.

Well I’m off to cry some more. Not because I have to – Mommy changed my diaper 5 minutes ago – but because I think I see Daddy sleeping. Now I am going to wake him up just to teach him a lesson. No more silly videos on YouTube, beseder Abah?

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  • Can’t a guy show his parents what their first grandaughter looks like without being mocked? Jeez. Anyway, she throws the metal horns about 15 seconds in…most definately my spawn.

  • She wasn’t mocking you. Seems to me she was just kvetching. It’s what babies do. They kvetch.

  • I’ve got an idea for Toaff
    he can right his next book on witch burnings
    and how they might be based on historical facts

    there are numorous accounts of people being turned into newts maybe in fact these witches had it comin!

  • Oh my god! She’s so frickin’ cute! Even better than the conical-head picture! (which was also too cute, by the by)… Harry — you are obviously ridiculously happy, and it’s quite gratifying to watch. I’d like to see the video blogs as they develop. : )