One of the reasons I love Facebook is that people send me stuff. Or, more accurately, they “share” a webpage or a website with their friends by posting it on their profiles, and then because I’m an obsessed Facebook-checker, I see said posted items and click on them. (Yes, this is me being productive. I gotta know what’s out there.)

Here’s one of those shares…Chris is a web designer who is currently attending seminary, “with the God-given goal of becoming a full-time minister of the Christian gospel.” He lives win Louisville, KY (where my rabbi grandfather was once made a Kentucky colonel, an honor that I hear is actually often bestowed upon visitors) with his wife Abby.

Now, as every Hebrew grammar geek knows, when there are two sh’vas at the beginning of a Hebrew word, the first one must become a hirik.
Without further ado, I give you (rather, Chris gives you) “The S’hva Fight.”

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  • Thanks for sharing the discovery!

    I’m a Kentucky colonel, too, as it happens. 🙂

    (My folks live in Louisville: if you come for a visit–following in the footsteps of your rabbi grandfather–and need some hospitality, let me know!)

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