That ck guy. man is he persistent! I’m not even a week old and already he has me blogging. I barely know what a week is, let alone how to blog and yet, here we are. So I guess I better get to it. As you all know, Harry is my Daddy. As such I am innately possessed of a pop-culture sensibility, and an exquisite sense of taste that makes yours pale in comparison. It developed in Ima’s womb. It’s in my DNA bitches. Get over it.

When you’re a week old, there’s not much more to do than sit around, cry and have people alternately feed you and wipe your butt. But it does give one plenty of time to think. One concept that fascinates me is this whole separated at birth thing – the notion that out there is my identical twin who was snatched away by roving Gypsies or Mad Nazi scientists at the time of our birth. I’m pretty sure I would have remembered something like that happening, but it was pretty crazy and I guess my mind was elsewhere – like wondering “what the holy fuck is going on??”

If I were a rich man - I'd buy an AK-47!But one place that does this separated at birth thing well is Israellycool where they have a pic of a random Arab protester and Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof. OK so maybe they’re not twins, but they are both semites, so why not? In fact check out this vid of a Bosnian Muslim doing a localized version of “If I was Rich Man” called “If I were a Christian” – courtesy of Google Videos and those crazy fucks at KabobFest:

And those Kabobfest guys are indeed a riot – even to one as young as I. They’re making fun of the whole Temple Mount Mugrabi Gate controversy, they are championing a woman who refuses to date anyone who has the audacity to be anything less than rabidly anti-Zionist and they blame Palestinian infighting on Israel. I wonder how much their Hamas comrade in arms appreciate their gratuitous and provocative photos of protesting Lebanese hotties, or their obvious affinity for bad Western inspired Arabic rap music videos. Haram-o-ramma I say!

So you’re probably wondering, how is it that I can post on a blog despite the fact that I am functionally illiterate and lack even the most basic motor-sensory abilities? I do it telepathically. It’s a skill some native Israelis possess. Read Dad’s article about that here. Lame indeed.

Well, I feel a poopy coming on. Gotta scream like a banshee and wake up Mommy and Daddy. Being a baby is… babylicious!

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