Israeli’s smoke Hezbollah hash? Oh yeah, for reasons like this:

Two Israelis who apparently thought moving from Tel Aviv to settlements in the West Bank would provide a smokescreen for their cannabis-growing operation will have to think again. Police said on Monday a raid of their rented apartments turned up more than 20 marijuana plants. The two suspected growers were arrested.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said such incidents were rare in the settlements. “They tried to grow marijuana plants inside Judea and Samaria rather then Tel Aviv thinking that police would not be able to discover their activities,” he said.

Nice work, cops! Way to wipe out the competition for terrorists!

Thanks Ynet for the story and the clever ‘smokescreen’ pun.

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  • Israel should legalize marijauana as an Export Crop and then sell it to their Arab neighbors really cheap. Keeping those MoFo’s calm and high might be the only way to prevent them from blowing themselves up in carbombs. Oh, and then they should raise the price of their exported chocolate.

  • not only that, it might give arabs a reason to think that Israel isn’t SO bad after all.

    If the Lebanese Hash were better, Israelim would have so much more respect and love for Lebanon, fuckin’ start waving Lebanese flags and shit.

    Thank g-d almighty, there has been green in Jerusalem, ever since adar started. coincidence?

    Paranoid fella that i am, i’m unconvinced that whatever drugs do seep in aren’t authorized by some police type authority at some point who decides to let something pass. How else will they know what’s going on? It’s the same reason fights and balaganery in town aren’t put down and disrupted by police, just… observed. maybe over popcorn and bambas.

  • A mind-altering thing, for which there is no specific bracha, is not kosher.

    That lets out spirits, whisky, sake and vodka.

    No, Shehakol is not good enough, because it is not a food. It is psychoactive, it is mind-affecting. But the ha-gofen blessing won’t do either, because it is not made from grapes – can’t be called “fruit of the vine”.

    So, have a glass of wine. The size of the glass is up to you. If it’s a tankard, that’s your business, but be intelligent. Say the bracha, Ha-gofen, and have a nice evening. If it is too sour you can put sugar in it when no one is looking.

    But leave that other stuff alone.

    If, when a Jew dies, we should feel as if a Torah scroll burned, then when a Jew is drunk, we should feel as if a Torah scroll is lying in a puddle of alcohol on the ground. A bad thing. Let’s not allow that. Happy Purim.

  • JM, on what do you base this on? A Bracha is a voluntary action. This is your own stuff here, you should not publish your own thoughts as Torah, please.

    If I think that MJ is better for me than wine is, then that is my business.

    Please leave the new agey stuff where it belongs.

    Happy Purim, don’t drink!

  • A bracha is not voluntary, it is required, if one is doing traditional Judaism. It is also nice. I thank my hostess for dinner, why not G-d? I just think it is normal to thank the giver of anything.

    It is the MJ that is new-agey. The wine is old-agey.

    Wine is not harmless. I am not saying it is, and people should be careful around it. Look what happened to Noah.

    Based on what? I was just opining. But that’s my opine. Given what goes on, it is a good opine.

    Purim is coming. I am depressed. I remember last year.

    I wish everybody just enough safe foolishness so we can know we don’t know everything, but G-d will make it work out. Hurray.

    I am going to wear something fun.