JJ Keki’s appearance thanks to Thanksgiving Coffee Co., photo by Jewlicious Festivals

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So says JJ Keki, of the Ugandan Mirembe Kawomera (‘Delicious Peace’) coffee coop. He spoke, sang, danced, prayed, and performed with us at the Jewlicious Festival this past weekend. I was very impressed by the project that he’s the director of; one that brings together Christian, Muslim, and Jewish (yes, Jewish!) Ugandans to produce fair trade coffee and peace in the form of economic cooperation….

It’s ironic for me to read this on JewSchool today, because I just spent the weekend with J.J. Keki at the Jewlicious Festival 3.0 ! And I have a pound of their Mirembe Kawomera coffee on my desk at work now. -)

They also recently were honored at the SF Interfaith Council’s meeting; who then pledged to buy their coffee in an expression of “put your money where your mouth is”. Oh yeah, their US partners are based in NorCal (Fort Bragg, CA; about 3 hours north of SF). What what! And check out their blog. Better yet, be like me and buy their CD of Ugandan Jewish music (nominated for a Grammy Award!), their hand-made kippot, and some of their free-trade, kosher, peace-fostering coffee!

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