That sounds wrong, I know. But this post is just to wish mazal tov to co-founder Seth Galena and Montrealer/existential sister Hindy Poupko on their engagement.

And because there’s nothing like sharing your simcha with the world, you can check them out at where you can view the live on CBS proposal, or check in with, or leave them notes on their Facebook walls, where their relationship status has not yet been changed from “In a Relationship/Looking for FriendshipDatingARelationshipRandomPlayWhateverICanGet” (his) and “In A Relationship” (hers). I’m sure it’ll be changed before Shabbat.

And be sure to leave your wishes for BOTB (brother of the bride) Rabbi Avi Poupko of Harvard and TBOTG (twin brother of the groom) and BangItOut co-founder Isaac Galena. Mazal tov to the whole big newly expanded, internet savvy family!

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  • Mazal Tov from Argentina for the couple…
    Just wanted to say that BANGITOUT is one of the funniest Jewish websites I’ve ever seen!!! Once, when I showed some of their material in a local activity, a couple of orthodox youngsters wanted to kill me!! (acussing me of disrespecting orthodoxy!!!!). I tried to convince them that it was a website made by frum jews but… it seems you guys have more sense of humour than here…

    Mazal Tov again…

  • Mazel tov. As a longtime reader of BIO, and a longtime past resident of the UWS, it brings great nachas to see it.