JewwannaSo much for using marijuana as Karpas. Yes, it’s leafy and yes, it’s green. But apparently, hemp seeds are not kosher for Passover. That is, if you’re Ashkenazi. The seeds belong to a limbo category of growing things called “kitniyot,” so if your seder has beans and rice, feel free to put the “Yes I Can” in cannabis this Festival of Freedom. Except for that whole “pot is still illegal” thing. If you’re one to think that cannabis is no more harmful than alcohol and you find yourself frequently smoking, you might want to look into new ways to smoke your pot, try looking at these weed pipes. There are so many different weed pipes that are available out there to those who are interested in cannabis for either medical or recreational reasons. Luckily there are companies similar to glass pipes uk that might be a good place to get a pipe.

Still, where there’s a will, there’s a way…and clearly this is an issue that many people are passionate about, since I just got an email from Hillel about this, and blogs are also taking this issue seriously. For those interested in taking another hit off the informational bong, I highly recommend this JTA report on the issue.

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  • No hat tip to JTA for finding this beautiful story from the obscure site of the WTOP Washington Area News, Traffic, and Weather?

    Just giving you a hard time…

  • A rabbi once told me that Israel once considered banning smoking under halacha before deciding that the idea was completely unrealistic.

    So, I wonder: Is smoking acceptable under halacha (and under whose interpretation)? If not, is marijuana also forbidden because it is unhealthy?

    On a related note: I never see Orthodox, Chasidic or Charedi Jews in the United States smoke. But I did see several of them do so in Israel. I’m not sure what that means, but it was interesting.

  • POLJ, the way it worked here is that I saw the WTOP story quoting the JPost, and blogged it. Subsequently, the JTA (and about six other places) did a story. And I liked the JTA article–thought it had some unusual comments in it, so I edited and republished it.

  • Hemp is not marijuana. The constant lame jokes aren’t funny. Hemp doesn’t contain any hallucinogenic substances and is extremely nutritious. It also has many uses such as for paper and clothing. The hemp ban is causing a lot of misery for US farmers. Farmers in Canada can legally grow hemp and are making a killing, so to speak, while farmers in the Dakota states who would like to grow hemp, are going broke. visit for more info.