Michael Levin’s story was covered in many media outlets last August including Fox News, CNN, the New York Times, Washington Post and many papers of the AJPA. Just 22 when he died in the IDF, he gave his life defending Israel from her enemies. The Levin family has established a foundation with the sole purpose being to better the life of those “lonely soldiers” who while in the IDF, have no family support in Israel:

Michael was 22 when he fell in Aita al-Shaab, a village in southern Lebanon that was the site of heavy fighting against Hezbollah forces. Born and raised near Philadelphia, Michael grew up in a traditional, loving Jewish household. Active in HaGesher Region USY and Camp Ramah, he attended the Alexander Muss High School program and the year-long Nativ USY program in Israel. At 16, he decided that he wanted to make aliyah and join a front-line combat unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. He followed his dream three years later; he was chosen for the elite paratroop unit #890. Last summer Michael received permission to travel to the United States to visit his family. When the fighting broke out, he decided to return to help his unit. He went straight to his commander and demanded to be sent north. Shortly thereafter he was killed. On Tisha B’Av he was laid to rest in the military cemetery of Har Herzl in Jerusalem. His family was joined by thousands of mourners from all over Israel.

As part of their effort to educate Jewish youth about their son the Levins have created a 40-minute film, “A Hero In Heaven” (www.aheroinheaven.com). It is their hope that Jewish youth groups, synagogues, Jewish camps and the like will want to view this video, which the Levins will send to the requesting organization at no cost with an accompanying study guide.

For information or to obtain a copy, contact Harriet Levin, The Michael Levin Memorial Fund for Israel, Harriet@AheroInHeaven.com
The Web site address is www.AheroInHeaven.com.

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  • kol hakovad to those who have raised children who understand the importance of standing with the israelis in their unending efforts to maintain a place secure for their people. along with other canadians i participated in 1948-49 and can only with pride and with sorrow salute those who have followed our path.

  • I saw the film on T.V and was deeply touched. I identify with Michael’s story Because of my father who too came to Israel as a lonely soldier (from England)to fight for the homeland of Israel (and was injured in a car eccident in the army).
    May G-d send you comfort with the knowledge that Michael died in protection of the land and for his holy belief