I don’t “own this bitch,” or any other bitch for that matter, not even literally am I the owner of a female dog. Still, I’m proud to share two publication notes this week with my Jewlicious family.

Firstly, I’ve recently begun blogging over at the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, which has launched a new Blogs/Opinion section, so feel free to check it all out, subscribe via RSS, leave comments, etc.

Secondly, the new issue of PresenTense Magazine (website to be relaunched in April) will officially be out this weekend–copies will be available for purchase at Saturday night’s Festival of Chametz (Last chance for beer…JOIN US!), or you can view a sample of some of our articles online below and contact us for individual ($5/copy) and bulk/group subscriptions. (Bulk orders bring down the per-copy cost of the magazine, and are a great gift to Hillels, Jewish organizations, offices, youth groups, etc–programming advice and discussion questions available for many of our articles.)

I look forward, as always, to your constructive feedback. Shabbat shalom and hag Pesah sameah!

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  • Rabbi Yonah, you are runining my marketing gimmick! I’m trying to panic the Jews into coming to our event and drinking, so get with the program!!

  • Fak, you are quite the careerist my girl!

    Well in answer to your call, off the cuff, learn from the success of this here blog.

    That is, offer something real, besides more comments on the same news items.

    Look at Jrants for example. Look how many Jewish blogs are out there. Read them, I know you do.

    Aren’t they mostly rehashing the same news items? for the most part.

    OK cool, do that, JTA and all.

    Just offer some events and the like, some of my ideas that you have on JDA and this one here.

    If you have a consultants position for me, lets get it started.