Tanya Reinhardt, linguist and political activist (both roughly in the Chomskian tradition) passed away on Saturday at age 63.

Muffti saw Tanya give a talk this past summer in Jerusalem, and it was characterized by her typical aptitude with linguistic methodology and theory, while demonstrating clear and original thought on a topic of interest (for afficionadoes, the talk focussed on how languages subcategorize with respect to deleted arguments). Her politics were extremely left wing and Muffti can’t say he favoured much of what she supported – he certainly thought her support for the academic boycott of Israel was nothing short of absurd – but her work in linguisitics was always clever, astute and fundamental. She is survived by husband poet Aharon Shabtai.

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  • Hey Muffti –
    Please pass this on to The Middle – since he originally championed Peace Now’s breathless “expose” it’s only right that he comment on the factual correction:

    IDF shows flaws in Peace Now report
    by API and Jerusalem Post Staff

    A military database released to the left-wing anti-settlement organization Peace Now under court pressure shows that very little private land was seized from Palestinians to build Israel’s largest West Bank settlement, the watchdog group reported on Wednesday.

    The new numbers are vastly smaller than numbers Peace Now issued in a November report based on leaked information.

    In November, Peace Now claimed that 86 percent of Ma’aleh Adumim was built on private Palestinian land. After successfully petitioning the court to see the database, the group reported Wednesday that data show that only 0.5% of the settlement was built on private land.

    Full story here

  • Ben David, here is the post to which you refer:


    I’m very pleased that Ma’aleh Edumim is no longer under contention. Unfortunately, this updated report contains few other changes and the percentage claimed goes down merely from 38% to 32% of West Bank land. This is still nothing to be happy about, Ben David, and poses a serious problem for Israel that can only be resolved ultimately by annexation or by giving the privately land to Palestinians, or by a peace deal along the lines of Camp David/Taba.

  • I believe this terrible example of the anti-Israeli Jew supported the academic boycott of Israel. Good riddance.

  • OK, MUffti can’t believe that he has to be the one to do this but even his sense of comraderie with his people is offended by Ephraim and Gary. That’s not cool, dudes. If you wanna pray for a change, why not pray for a change in attitude rather than a change in being alive.

    She did, however, support the academic boycott of Israel and Muffti has to say, that’s not cool. Kol Academichim arevim, or something.

  • I think Chomsky is a rodef. Same goes for Finklestein et al.

    I’m not going to put out a fatwa on them, but I won’t shed a tear if they get run over by a bus tomorrow, either.

    It’d be nice if they came to their senses, and I’ll be happy if they ever do, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  • She was an evil women who did her best to destroy the Jewish State – I’m happy there is a hereafter to deal with her.