I haven’t written for Jewlicious in a bit, but I do still read the blog regularly, and feel I have to comment: Rabbi Yonah’s post on war and Jewish babies was hopefully tongue-in-cheek, but was disturbing either way. Citing statistics on an upswing in the number of pregnant Israeli women following last summer’s war, Rabbi Yonah gets all natalist on us:

“It means that war IS good for children. Isn’t that just silly? Nasrallah’s war actually brought more Jews into the world!”

Adorable. Sort of like how the Holocaust WAS good for the Jews, since in 1948 we got our very own state! Yay!

Enough about “Jewish babies” already. Natalism isn’t Judaism-specific morality, it’s non-denominational social conservatism often enough (though by no means always) propagated by those who themselves are a bit behind in, uh, propagation. It’s asking women to give up dreams and careers for the good of whichever race or nation, and asking men to refrain from putting on condoms when having sex with their wives. Yes, that sounds about fair.

Even as a joke, the idea that last summer’s war was good in some way because it “made” more babies is disgusting. Wouldn’t a peaceful Israel, one in which women could choose whether to have zero babies or a dozen, be a far more worthy thing to get excited about?

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