OK, so not exactly. But the call has gone out around the world: Israeli TV wants to do a segment on birthright israel, specifically on couples who have met through the program. Despite this misleading, but hopefully humorous, headline, couples will likely not be expected to do anything on live TV other than talk about how being in Israel gave them the chance to meet someone else of similar interests and/or hotness, hence the Hebraic love.

So if you’re part of a couple, and you and your schmoopie met on birthright, and you are TV-appearance inclined, send our buddy Jacob Shwirtz an email: jacob@jacobshwirtz.com.

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  • When I went on a Birthright Trip, all of the guys were interested in hitting on the female Israeli solders, and the females hit on the male soldiers. (To varying degrees of success.)

    It seemed as though few of the Diaspora participants were interested in each other, though that may have been because some of them had “significant others” back home. So I’m not sure many participants ever couple.

    But this was just the single trip I took. I don’t know if this is common.

  • I wonder how many people will email that guy. My boyfriend and I met on birthright but we are not TV-appearance inclined.

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