3585.jpgA woman was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing $120,000 from a Jewish Community Center in Ocean Township NJ. Lisa Gordon served as bookkeeper for the JCC before being sentenced for the felony of theft and failing to report her state income tax returns.

According to APP.Com, Gordon said her apologies to the JCC, but didn’t seem too upset over her actions. The JCC’s Executive Director seemed dubious of Gordon’s remorse, saying “She is also still trying to make excuses for her criminal behavior.” Furthermore, the Judge overseeing the case also seemed unsympathetic to Gordon, “I have no sympathy for thieves.” Cleary said. “You used it to gamble. It’s as simple as that.”

Gordon, 38, claims to have stolen the money to support her family and pleaded with the court (and perhaps the media following the story) to take it easy on them. Not to be manipulated, the judge retorted, “”They’ve been through a lot but they’ve received the benefit of your theft. Did they not?”

Ouch. Appears that this particular courtroom battle was made for Court TV.

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