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  • The Kaballah center is not kaballah and its not Jewish and it should have no voice on Jewlicious. It is a fortune 500 cult that manipulates its followers and extorts money from them. You want to know about Kaballah? Learn through all of Tanach, Talmud, and Torah Commentary and then use those skills to read and understand the Zohar written in aramaic.

  • Of all the photos of the Dalai Lama online (2,730,000 according to Google), did anyone catch who’s in the one Ilana chose for her Vlog?

  • Would you trust a doctor who didnt go to medical school but read a book on open heart surgery? Of course not because he could physically KILL you because of his lack of education and understanding.

    So you trust someone who didnt learn Torah the proper way but starting out with Chumash and going all the way to Zohar and just skip it all because Zohar is fun and interesting? Well it could spiritually KILL you.

    Is Kaballah Center Zohar pick and choose also like they only talk about the cool stuff?

    What about all the stuff in the zohar that talks about the importance of being Shomer Mitzvos and Modest? Just the feel good stuff right. With the $100 bottle of arrowhead water with a kaballah label on it?

  • I’m a catholic, and my intention is to be respectful, so please correct me if I’m wrong.
    I understand that in traditional Judaism, God is an all-powerful and supremely free Being, who creates the Universe because he wills it to be, and not because he needed to. In catholic words, God is Transcendent.
    I understand that in Kabbalah, what lies at the bottom of Creation is not even a Personal Being, and that God, is some sort of emanation of this pre-being, and we humans are a subproduct of this emanation. And this has some sort of mechanical and non-free qualities to it, that allows as to have influence on the Universe if we know how to do it. And Kabbalah is just about finding out this hidden code to the Universe.
    Is this correct?.