Brit & Cony (in happier times)

Brit & Cony (in happier, hazier times) is reporting that actress Brittany Murphy died this morning after having been rushed to Cedars-Sinai in LA where she suffered from full cardiac arrest. The 32-year-old actress, best-known for her featured work and memorable roles in “Clueless” and “Girl Interrupted” was also once engaged to Ashton Kutcher. Media is still speculating on the exact cause of her death, though asthma is rumored to have been a catalyst.

Then again, asthma is also rumored to have been the convenient excuse for Murphy’s former husband, Simon Monjack’s rush to the hospital this past month after he got into a brawl in Mexico following her being fired off the set of the film “The Caller.” Wherever the real truth lies,  Monjack, whose nickname is ConJack was apparently not the best influence on our “Uptown” starlet, Jewish wedding ceremonies and all.

Here’s hoping wherever you are Brittany, it’s a better place than with that ConJack hubby of yours.

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  • Yep, her husband caused her to go into cardiac arrest in the shower, of course!

  • OMG!! I just heard the news like minutes ago…I just still can’t beleave it!! Why? She was so young and her whole life ahead of her. You will be missed Brittany 🙁

  • Rob: Given her rumored drug use and downward spiral of the past few years and most prominently in the past few months, hubby either wasn’t doing much to help her.

  • Have some class! His wife just died and unless you lived with them you don’t know how he treated her

  • i agree with stacsi- there is no way you could know their relationships, disgusting gossip creeps. go find something worthwhile to do with your time.

  • How does a healthy 32 yr old woman die of cardiac arrest?

    Maybe Conjack took a page from fellow Boychik Phil Spector’s book?

    He’s no guiltier of killing this shiksha than Ira Einhorn was.

    Place your bets on Monjack moving to Israel soon.