Nominations for the Jewish and Israel Blog Awards (JIBs) are open until Thursday, with wacky new categories, some nominees listed with a warning (“some mature content”; “adult-oriented blog”; and in one case “MATURE content”) and a rolling nomination process. Plus a congratulatory blogfamily shout-out to Best New Blog nominee and Jewlicious blogson OyBay!

As usual, some of the categories and nominees in each category raise a few eyebrows, as does the denotation of several blogs as being not for kids. As “MATURE content” himself notes:

The most amusing thing about this situation is that Pillage Idiot is listed at the JIB award site with the warning “MATURE Content” next to it. If you’ve ever seen my Pillage Idiot Advisory System, you’ll know that my content isn’t mature — it’s immature.

Isn’t that always the case…

Got a question about their methodology? Contact members of the committee, who for some reason are still eligible for nomination.

So go on over, see if your favorites are there, and if not, you know what to do. Also, while you’re there, check out some interesting blogs you’ve never heard of before, because the JIBs have always aimed to be more than a self-congratulatory effort.

Additional question for discussion: Michael’s theory.

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  • I see anti-Israel aggitator and porn star Richard Silverstein has nominated himself several times. He also nominated Jewschool for Best Jewish Anti-Establishment Blog. Oy. At least these awards will be fun!

  • Ouch. As a self-labeled humor site, I hope I’m an exception. (Because if you can’t laugh at anti-Semitism in Israel, what can you laugh at?)

  • If Pillage Idiot is ALL-CAPS-ALL-THE-TIME-MATURE content, I’m vaguely curious about what label they would bestow upon a blog currently graced with both an image of His Royal Highness King Abdullah II getting sucked off by a doorag-clad Latino gang member and a lively discussion featuring the words “meaty, throbbing cocks,” “cunt” and “interior design.” Not that I know any blogs like that.

    But really – if “maturity” is to be defined as “related to subjects other than Torah and little Moishele’s runny nose” (the preferred domain of JIB-centric bloggers), then prepare for the tremors in New York City as a thousand minds from Lakewood to Rockland County are blown as one when blogs other than “Velvele’s Torah-True Jamboree & Monsey Revue” get nominated.

  • Isn’t Norman Finkelstein’s site the best Jewish Anti-Establishment Blog. I guess it’s a toss-up with Jewschool. 😉

  • I don’t agree with all the decisions regarding this year’s awards, but I don’t have to since I am not running them. But my suggestion is that if you don’t like something, make your suggestions or even better, help in running them.

    Michael, I like your blogging – really I do- and you seemed like a nice guy when we met last year – but the whole “I’m too cool for school” attitude and condescension towards some of your fellow bloggers is getting a little old. Please direct your substantial snarking abilities towards those deserving of such scorn..such as the “anti-Israel aggitator” mentioned by ck (I won’t mention “porn star” since Richard is in a very litigious mood these days).

  • Well, as you note, the JIBs are more about exposure and fun than the actual awards. The committee is a bunch of volunteers – it doesn’t make sense to exclude them from that fun because they’re taking out time [and it’s a lot of time] to help out… and there are enough members to ensure that nobody is cheating. (Plus, if working on it – with all the headaches and complaints – also meant exclusion from the process, it would seriously limit who would volunteer.) The votes are by everybody, not the committee, so I can’t see how it would be a problem.

    The “mature” advisories were based on what people put in the nominations. It would be far too time-consuming to check each blog’s content, so we trust the nominators.

    The categories were based on asking on JBlogosphere and other blogs for people’s input, in addition to discussion among committee members and on the JIB site itself a couple months ago. All of these discussions (and the ability to join the committee) were open to anyone who was interested.

    Anyway… best of luck to all! Hope everyone enjoys. 🙂

  • Oh my God! We haven’t been nominated for anything! Does it mean that we suck or did everyone finally realize that we are indeed Mormons? With Jew envy? Yup. It’s true.

  • Maybe we should look for every post where Michael uses the term “motherfucker” and submit those for best posts of the year?

  • First let me say that “motherfucker” is among my very favorite curse words and I get so gleeful upon finding a perfect opportunity to use it that it’s really more of a term of endearment for the stupid motherfucker who enabled me to use it than anything else.

    HOWEVER, according to my research – and this surprised me as much as it will probably surprise you – I have employed the word “motherfucker” in only THREE (3) posts.

    In fact, ck, the only other Jewlicious blogger to have used the word “motherfucker” in a post, actually has me beat by two posts. What a profane motherfucker.

  • OMG! MOTHERFUCKER is absolutely my favorite of all the curse words! It’s totally descriptive of not only my ex-husband but almost all of the 40-something divorced men that I date.


    love to say, love to type, love the sound of it, love what it means….

    hey, how do I get nominated for something?

  • I nominate you in the category of “people who wrote Motherfucker 4 times in this comment section”. You’re up against some tough competition- Michael also wrote Motherfucker four times, but your four were all in caps, something the judges will certainly take into consideration.

  • It would be interesting to note that in most cases the marriages end bec. of lack of compromise by both parties. There is a famous Rabbi in Jerusalem who advises his Students to give in on all arguments except with respect to Torah education for the children. I beleive he is not the only Rabbi who makes this position to his students. Perhaps Rabbi Yonah could fill in some of the missing info if I am misstating this, I apologize in advance.

    I have seen some extremely wierd behavior by divorced couples, several years ago for example, the time came for the only son’s Bar Mitzvah and all sides refused to fund anything.

    This is an example of stubborn and baseless hatred actually harmimg your own soul self interests.

  • fuck off jobber…no one’s in the mood for your quoting Rabbis tonight. Go play with tee-shirts or your new hot girl friend or your sex hating wife but do not address my posts on this blog again lest you incur my wrath.

  • I just know there’s a really good story behind all these MoFo’s. In the mean time it’s like watching these things go by every now & again;
    Supercavitation torpedoes:
    [] .

    Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Muffti will make his annual plea: please don’t nominate Jewlicious for anything coz the JIBs are lame. If you do so nominate us, you’re a motherfucker.

  • Well, someone nominated us, for best group blog, I believe. I mean, we are a pretty cool group. But I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that no one nominated me–but I didn’t want it enough to nominate myself or ask other people to, so I guess I can’t be too bummed.

  • Hey faulty DNA white dud jews, found a safe place to scurry off to yet, now that the heat is on?
    Israel (Palestine) ain’t it anymore, judging by the goy bad weather forecast 😛
    How about a space flight to Mars and set up shop there, the martians won’t know what hit em 😉 you can afford it, right? Our Nasa buddies will give a discount, tell em I sent ya, Kosher business Class at Halal prices if you show your mutilated 4skin.
    So just what are the plans now that the goy know all about the hive? Keep pushing the same persecution and racist BS? Any new last ditch sh!t before they start collecting firewood? We can count on the higher elites to bail us out with something huge to distract the goy, can’t we? How is Canada weather in August, lots of snow to hide?

  • Congratulations for winning the Moronic Comment of the Year Award, Kikke Patrol. We at Moron Patrol search far and wide on the internet seeking to identify the planet’s biggest morons. You qualify!

    We would love to present you with the award in person, but most of our award recipients understandably wish to remain anonymous. Either that or they don’t get out of their mom’s basement all that often.