Hi, my name is Esther K. and I’m your VJ over here at JMTV, Jewlicious Music Television. Welcome back to TUL, Totally Unrequested Live, where we are lucky to have for you a premiere song by Balkan Beat Box.

The release of this song, “Digital Monkey,” and the new album, NU MED (available on iTunes Tuesday, April 17th–hey, that’s today!– and in stores everywhere May 15th), coincides with the launch of a major tour for the band, who will perform some concert dates with the fellow JDub group Golem.

For tour dates, visit the JDub website. And for a little BBB flavor, see this fan video…

Here’s a sick track called “Digital Monkey” which you must listen to.*


* That last line was written by me, ck. I didn’t want anyone to think Esther would ever use the term “sick track.” Or maybe she would, I don’t know… Esther is cool and her talents are multi-dimensional.

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  • OK, I always thought I was your VJ. OK so it’s a bit older. I’m certain it does not pre-date All recording tape though! Cheers & Good Luck, ‘VJ’