[Esther’s note: This is not about “our Chutzpah,” who shares with us in the comments section. It is about Chutzpah, the self-proclaimed Jewish hip-hop “supergroup”.-EDK]

In what all parties are hoping will not be a “Foolish Beat,” Diane Gibson–the “powerhouse manager at GMI Entertainment who crafted a musical career for her daughter Debbie (now Deborah)–has signed on to manage Chutzpah, the “Jewish Hip-Hop Supergroup” that’s experiencing some success in this early stage of their career, or as one might call it, their “Electric Youth.” (Rest of the story is here on Beliefnet.)

Yes, it seemed a little “Out of the Blue” to me too. But I just can’t shake this feeling that…wait…It’s not a feeling I just can’t shake. I think it’s another Debbie Gibson lyric…”Shake your love…I just can’t shake your love…”

And now, an utterly pointless trip down memory lane to an era about which she said, “you can never be that cheesy again.” (Grainy video will provide you with more memory lane than you’d probably like…)

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