[Esther’s note: This is not about “our Chutzpah,” who shares with us in the comments section. It is about Chutzpah, the self-proclaimed Jewish hip-hop “supergroup”.-EDK]

In what all parties are hoping will not be a “Foolish Beat,” Diane Gibson–the “powerhouse manager at GMI Entertainment who crafted a musical career for her daughter Debbie (now Deborah)–has signed on to manage Chutzpah, the “Jewish Hip-Hop Supergroup” that’s experiencing some success in this early stage of their career, or as one might call it, their “Electric Youth.” (Rest of the story is here on Beliefnet.)

Yes, it seemed a little “Out of the Blue” to me too. But I just can’t shake this feeling that…wait…It’s not a feeling I just can’t shake. I think it’s another Debbie Gibson lyric…”Shake your love…I just can’t shake your love…”

And now, an utterly pointless trip down memory lane to an era about which she said, “you can never be that cheesy again.” (Grainy video will provide you with more memory lane than you’d probably like…)

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  • Thanks for the shout -out of their blatant copyright infringement on my moniker…now I know I’ll have to sue Debbie’s mom….

  • There’s also some pop singer chickie w/ your real name, wierd, maybe the universe is trying to get you up on the stage?

  • I saw this a couple of years ago and thought it ironic is all. I mean to amuse that is all.

    They should make you a writer here, then you can moderate your posts, like Middle. He doesn’t let my posts in, even when I posted a very funny joke recently.

    But until they do that, you cannot ask someone not to make a comment. It is not legal for you to make this request, likewise, you cannot ask someone to not use the web site Google.com.

  • it is perfectly legal to ask someone not to comment. it is perfectly legal for me to ask you not to google me. It is legal to chose not to post your comments.
    Did you ever notice you are the first one to remark on any of my comments? That greatly infringes on my blogging pleasure. In fact, if it wasn’t for you, I would still have my own blog up. I am afraid to visit any new blogs and leave a comment for fear that you would start commenting on that blog and then the owner would hate me for bringing your stupidity over to them.
    You are seriously creeping me out again and it has to stop.

  • You cannot post on a public board, and ask someone to NOT comment on your post.

    Meaning, that you can make this request but there is no legality to the request.

    I am the longest continuous poster on this particular blog, I actually only post on Esthers JDA and a bit on Hirhurim. I do not post on any other Jewish blogs.

    I also post on some travel related blogs due to my frequent trips to Israel and Europe.

    On none of these blogs that I post on, has anyone ever called me stupid. In fact, I have met some actual real people who continue to request my company, both here in the USA, as well as in Europe and Israel. Recently in Europe over 20 people gathered to meet me, at a coffeeshop, and I mentioned that as a Shomer Shabbos I could not purchase any beverages and such and they were happy to buy me some water.

    So this insistence that you blame me, for the fact that you have no blog, is insane, not only creepy.

    I don’t have a blog, because I have web sites, that make money, not that a blog cannot, but i
    am more into the advertising aspect of this whole thing. I personally find blogs boring, but interesting enough for a few minutes at lunch.

    Why you would bother to accuse someone of creeping you out is seriously weird.

    Why, because we are on a safe space. The founders of Jewlicious, which is this site, CK, and Laya, are profound, deep lovers, of the Jewish Nation, to such an extent that they made Aliyah, even tho clearly, they could have thrived in the org. Jewish World of NA. but they gave that up, to be able to hang out at the Kosel, at the drop of a hat.

    They have created here a space, for Jews to be comfortable.

    What you are trying to do imo, is make me uncomfortable, by implying that i AM a creep.

    This is entirely against what these wonderful people have created, and I urge you to think carefully about this. I am only responding to posts. Often I am first on CK’s, on Laya’s (Where the hell is she btw), on Esthers, who also moderates, and afaik, she has not rejected my posts, perhaps one or 2, but when it comes to Esther, the ultimate literarti, I strive to write everything to her high standard, and mostly she lets me posts in.

    You imo, should not be so bothered by my posts.

    It is not what this web site and program are all about.

  • For ol’ times sake, let’s just rehash our history together here:
    It all starts when you visit my humourous and partially fictitious blog “Chutzpah in the Suburbs” after I leave a remark on “Nice Jewish Girl’s” blog that got you kinda hot. You then follow me over to “Jewlicious” and “Moxie in the City”. After reading Moxie’s remarks on bondage you post a “Help Moxie” blog which infuriates her. You then figure out my real name and place of employment from content in my blog because Loshon Hora is alive and well in the Shtetl and I’m quite the topic of conversation at Shabbos tables, given the scandal surrounding my giving slowly giving up Frumkeit. (But since I’m not frum it doesn’t “count” as loshon hara I suppose). I, however, still have no clue who you are. Then, you send me an email thru Jdate saying that you are the owner of a Canadian bus company and that you would like to meet me, causing me to reveal more personal information about myself. All this while admitting in your own blogs that you drink at work and jerk off while your kids are around; and claim here that you have a hot new girlfriend in addition to your wife who hates having sex with you. Then you post that you know who my ex-husband and his new wife are, still not revealing your true identity to me. If that’s not the definition of creepy, I don’t know what is dude.

    If I have no need to be creeped out, please send me an email as to your true identity so we can put this all behind us.

  • Ouchie! It always comes down to the buses. And those damned Canadians! Really. (Discuss) Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • oy vey, talk about coming in at the wrong end of a conversation! On to the next post …

  • Middle’s the only guy who can get the aggrieved parties here to finally vent their feelings, heal, and move on. Best of luck, my friend.

  • Agreed. I was going to ask CK to blast this whole thread, so if one of you writers can, please do. Sorrry to have caused such trouble.

  • Just for the record, she send me a threatening email at one point, using her real name and work address, but I never revealed this to anyone.

  • ALso I do not drink at work, it happened once at the previous place, andthis was maybe a glass of wine. I do not drink that much only on times when I have to work in the restaurant, cuz that is the worst work you can ask for literally. If I do drink it will be some wine.

  • ALso I did not follow you to this site, I discovered somehow on my own. Likely during the hullaballlo caused by NiceJewish Girl, she opened my eyes to the Jewish Blogging world, how is she by the way, any luck in Israel?

  • So uh… how about that Debbie Gibson, eh? Shake Your Love was cheesy the way Shock Your Mama with it’s attempt at Madonna-style sexuality was just, uh… disturbing. Yup. Disturbing. That’s the keyword for this comment thread so far.

  • She’s now Deborah Gibson and just separated from Lorenzo Lamas, who’s officially the most artificially tanned guy in or out of Hollywood. He makes George Hamilton look like Madonna from her Vogue video.

    How’s that for a wrap-up?

  • Lorenzo Lamas was the “cute dumb blond guy” who never spoke in the movie Grease.

    As for the rest of this thread, I have half a mind to delete the “unrelated” comments on this post. I’m trying to decide if that constitutes censorship, which I generally don’t believe in. But I also don’t believe in people hijacking a comments section to rehash their personal issues. So I’m torn between my two half-minds. I’ll think about it over chag, and once I’m back on bread, I’ll be able to make an informed, carb-comatose decision.

  • You know Esther, I could have gone for another quarter w/o ever thinking about Lorenzo Lamas. And here’s my vote for not removing the posts. I think they’re amusing & instructive, for a variety of reasons. This is also reason #33 why the rest of us don’t have blogs. Real life is complicated enough. Cheers, ‘VJ’

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