who got a woody?

And his name is der heyliker rebe, the holy rabbi, aka Woody Allen. At least that seems to be the case judging from an American Apparel billboard that recently appeared on the corner of Houston and Allen Streets on New York’s Lower East Side. American Apparel is generally known for putting up provocative and sexy ads, but one might consider Woody Allen, despite well, everything… sexy. One might also need to be heavily medicated. But I digress.

Reached for comment, American Apparel spokeswoman Alexandra Spunt stated “Woody Allen is our spiritual leader and that’s the only statement the company will make on that issue.” I definitely heard snickering in the background. The same billboard also appears on the corner of Sunset and Alvarado in Los Angeles (right next to Burrito King). There’s no telling what the mostly Latino residents of the neighborhood are expected to make of the ad.

Hat Tip: The Forward and Esther

NOTE: Read Esther’s take on the American Apparel billboard on beliefnet and see why it is we all love her unique perspective…

By invoking the Woodman, AA’s message may be that it doesn’t matter how other people see you. Just be who you are.

Words of wisdom from Esther and… Dov Charney? Heh…

UPDATE: Did the Woodster’s lawyers call American Apparel? If so, the conversation may have gone something like “Uh… what are you guys doing?” Needless to say, the billboards are now down. The whole campaign was pretty funny and it got me to rent “Annie Hall” and watch the movie again.

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