“He is French. Don’t discount this. He cannot be trusted,…He is Tunisian. Do not discount this either. He works like an Arab.”

Muffti knows that you are probably thinking this is probably some republican talking about new French president Sarkozy. Or Muffti talking about CK while very drunk and mixing up Morocco and Tunisia. Nope, this beauty allegedly comes from Stephen Herbits, WJC secretary general in a leaked memo about potential Bronfman successor Peirre Besnainu. Bronfman resigned his position as president of the World Jewish Congress. His presidency has been uninterrupted since 1979.

Though, for the record, Muffti does think that you cannot trust CK.

Source Forward.com. Hat tip to Jewschool.

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  • Who thinks Sarkozy is Tunisian?

    And isn’t Besnainou the one who suggested that all French Jewish citizens have dual citizenship with Israel?

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