Strangely noble sentiments from the enemy, Nasrallah regarding Sharon, Olmert and Israel.

I respected former prime minister Ariel Sharon, but Prime Minister Ehud Olmert must quit…It is worthy of respect that an investigative commission appointed by Olmert condemns him. Even though they’re our enemies, it is worthy of respect that the political forces and the Israeli public act quickly to save their state, entity, army and their existence from the crisis.

*Sigh* Olmert shows no sign of backing down.

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  • Hypocrisy knows no ends… “their state, entity, army”… I thought the deviant refused to acknowledge the state of Israel…

  • Olmert will never back down as he’s incapable of apologizing for or taking the blame for anything. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the man *is* a lawyer.

  • Just curious: Do you have a citation for this quote? I’d love to link to it in my blog.

  • Sam, cut and paste a portion of the quote into Jewlicious and a bunch of sites that carried the story will show up.