Our friends at Heeb are irreverent degenerates, but we like them anyway. Mostly. Anyway, it turns out you don’t have to go all the way to Thailand to appreciate Heeb. Apparently, there is an event this Sunday right in the heart of Babylon! So if you are in the New York area and looking for something a little different, head over to Joe’s Pub for their Storytelling event this Sunday evening. The line up includes: Laurie Kilmartin hosts, with stories by Adira Amram (musical comedian, guest actor on The Sopranos), Leah Siegel (singer/songwriter, Little Mule), Larry Litt (democracy activist and political comedian, The Blame Show), Emma Forest (author of the novels Namedropper, Thin Skin and Cherries in the Snow), Scott Blakeman (political humorist, and Miriam Datskovsky (Columbia Spectator sex columnist).

You can check it out further and buy tickets here.

And tell them The Zionists sent you! They love that shit.

For those of you going to Erez’s wedding, here’s a bit of what you’ll be missing:

By the way, friggin Kelsey wrote most of that…

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